How to export your data from Internet Explorer 11

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Now that Microsoft has finally dropped IE11, it's time for you to move to a modern, better-supported browser.

While Microsoft already supports Microsoft Edge as its replacement, you don't need to just succumb to Microsoft's offerings.You have a lot to choose from after all.However, whatever you decide to use, you must start withInternet Explorer 11Export your data.So let's learn how to get started.


How to get fromInternet Explorer 11export your data

Exporting your IE11 data is a simple matter.Now that Microsoft has officially retired IE11, now is the perfect time to get all your data out of there.

To get started, open Internet Explorer and click the Favorites star icon.Then go to the drop-down menu and click Import or Export.In the "Import/Export Settings" dialog, click "Export to File" and select the "Next" button.


You will now get three checkboxes.Favorites, Feeds and Cookies.Select the parts you want to export and click Next.From there, click on the folder you want to export, then click Next.

Choose a destination where you want to save the file and click Next.


After doing this, Internet Explorer will create a new file called bookmark.htm on your Windows.For example, in our case it will be in the upper right corner of the Documents folder.

Export your Internet Explorer 11 data directly into the browser

What we discussed above is just one of the ways to move your IE data.Of course, there are other ways.For example, you can also easily transfer your IE11 data directly to your new browser.

We'll show you how to do this with Google Chrome.

Launch the Chrome browser and go to the "Settings" tab.There, click the Import Bookmarks and Settings tab under the Settings page.

From the drop-down menu, select Internet Explorer and tick all the radio boxes for what you want to import.This will include things like browsing history, favorites, saved passwords, search engines, and more.Finally, click Import.


Do this and all your important Internet Explorer data will be imported into your Chrome browser instantly.Other browsers, such as Firefox, Edge, etc., have a similar process.

Export your Internet Explorer 11 data

The days of Internet Explorer are long gone.Now is a good time to move your data from Internet Explorer to other faster and more reliable browsers.So make sure your data is transferred before you ditch IE.

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