How to Set Up Your Epic Gaming Account and Play Cross-Platform

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As more and more PC gamers have an alternative to Steam,epic GamesNot only gives you an alternative to PC gaming, but also features that can benefit gaming, no matter the console.

Plus, Epic's wide range of games and titles means that, for some of the top titles,epic GamesAccounts are essential to the experience.


If you've ever considered setting up an Epic Games account, or are curious about the games and features Epic supports, we can help you out.Let's take a look:

How to Set Up Your Epic Gaming Account

There are two main ways to set up your Epic Games account:

1. The easiest way is to enterepic Gameswebsite, and then click Login.

2. This will take you to a page where you can log in with multiple game accounts, such as a pre-existing Epic Games account, Steam, Xbox Live, Facebook, Google, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Apple.

3. If you do not have any of the above accounts, scroll to the bottom of the login options and select Sign Up.

4. This will allow you to simply enter your email address, set a password, and create a unique Epic Games account.

5. Once you have created a brand new account or linked an existing one, your Epic Games account will be set up and ready to go.


Alternatively, you can install the Epic Games Launcher on your computer to get most of the features of Epic Games.To install the Epic Games Launcher:

1. Enterepic GamesThe download page of the website.

2. Then you can choose to install the launcher to Windows or macOS.Depending on the system you are using, click to download the Epic Games Launcher.

3. You should then see the Epic Games Launcher installer in your computer's download queue.

4. Once the installer finishes downloading, follow the on-screen steps to install the launcher.

5. The installer will then ensure the update of the Epic Games Launcher, once any updates are complete, the Epic Games Launcher will be installed on your computer and ready for you to use.

In both cases, whether through the installer or the website, the process for setting up or logging into your Epic Games account is the same as listed above: choose an existing game account, or choose to sign up and create a brand new Epic Games account account.

Which games support Epic Games accounts?

Now that you know how to set up an Epic Games account, you might be interested in games from Epic Games.

Epic Games' most popular games are built around a free-to-play model.This includes games like Fortnite and Fall Guys.

But in general, Epic Games, like Steam or other gaming marketplaces, compiles a lot of games from numerous developers.

If you want to explore Epic Games' full library of available games, please go toEpic Games Store, and then select the Browse section.

Again, in the Epic Games launcher, select the Store tab, then the Browse option to see every title Epic Games has to offer.


Epic Games has a ton of titles for you to enjoy, but one of its most useful features is centered around cross-platform play, especially when it comes to free-to-play games.

How to play cross-platform games with your Epic Games account

Since Epic Games' most popular games are often free-to-play, cross-platform functionality is critical to ensuring large and accessible player counts.

Luckily, your Epic Games account lets you automatically cross-play with any player on a supported platform.

For Fortnite, log into your Epic Games account and you can play with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Android and iOS players.This is because Epic automatically links your Epic gaming account with many other potential gaming accounts.

The same goes for games like Fall Guys, which also utilizes your Epic Games account to give you full cross-compatibility with supported platforms.

Get the most out of your Epic Gaming account

Now that you know how to set up your Epic Games account and take full advantage of its store and cross-play options, hope you and your friends have more fun gaming sessions.

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