The 7 Best Collaboration Tools for Teams

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There's nothing worse than having several threads of an email and trying to keep track of everyone's responses.Thankfully, there are tools that allow you to collaborate with your team members in an organized manner.


Some of these tools can help you manage your project by showing the progress of tasks, remaining tasks, and who is responsible.The following collaboration tools keep you in the loop, making sure you never miss an email along the way.

1. Flowdock


Flowdockis a tool you can use to collaborate in an organized manner.The platform allows you to create team flows where you can invite project team members and organize conversation threads with color-coded labels.

If you need to connect with a team member, you can chat with them via audio, video or one-on-one chat.The platform has an app for Android and iOS, and you can control which notifications you get on your phone.

FlowdockThere are tools that allow you to create integrations with other platforms you use in your business, such as monitoring, wikis, customer support, version control, project management, Facebook pages, Google Calendar, and other Google apps.

2. Igloo


Igloois a comprehensive platform with features to help you build and maintain a successful digital workplace. For 13 years, the company has been helping businesses collaborate, communicate, and engage employees through powerful digital experiences.

IglooCombine partnerships and technology to make your digital workplace a success.You can use Igloo to schedule posts, vote on employees, review calendars, manage subscriptions, create wikis, edit text, or share files.

The platform has RSS feeds, so you can keep up with what's happening online by checking the RSS of industry websites.

3. Milanote


Milanoteis a collaboration platform for creatives.It allows you to collect everything you need for your creative projects in one place.With this platform, you can add notes and photos to your projects from your phone, and save text, images and links from the internet.

You can organize your projects visually and useMilanoteProvides a virtual whiteboard to brainstorm with your team, no matter where everyone is in the world.Creatives in different industries use Milanote, including startups, agencies, writers, marketers, creative directors and designers.

Milanote has many templates you can use, including mood boards, storyboards, filmmaking, website design, interior design, product management, software development, and more.

4. Quip


QuipSalesforce is a collaborative tool for users of Salesforce, such as account planning, eligibility descriptions and closing of the mutual planning can use in offline modeQuipdocument, change permissions, and view version history.

Quip gives you the ability to create sales documents with strategies that drive decisions and advance deals, access to real-time Salesforce data and chat capabilities.You can edit files on your computer or phone as a team.

Team chat is available in all documents and spreadsheets so you can comment on anything when necessary, chat in team rooms, or chat one-on-one to streamline your workflow.Various templates are available to guide your workflow, including account plans, sales brochures, and case groups, a platform for organizing all documents related to sales.

5. Slack


Slackis another collaboration tool that helps make working with teams easier.haveSlack, you have channels that keep you focused and organized, with the main space for team members to share files, tools, access files, and have conversations.

Slack Connect enables you to collaborate with teams in other organizations in the same way as teams within your organization.You can simplify your work by integrating Slack with Office 365, Google Drive, and 2200 other platforms.If you're having trouble finding threads, there's a search function to find what you're looking for.

Slack can handle collaborations of any size, with unlimited channels reflecting how your organization works.You can be confident that your data on Slack is safe because Slack has enterprise key management, so you can control who can access and see your files with encryption keys.

6. Trello


Trellois a visualization tool that allows team members to manage any task tracking, workflow or project.You can add automation and upload files and checklists to share with team members.You can use boards, lists, and cards to organize information and get a clear picture of what's not done and who's in charge.

You can also use the same tools to manage your tasks, adding due dates, team members, attachments, and project-related checklists.The platform allows you to integrate with other tools such as Jira, InVision, Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Dropbox and Slack.

You can also add momentum to boards, building custom workflows anywhere you need them, including CRM solutions, support ticketing systems, and your social media calendars.

7. Wimi


Wimiis a combination of tools that enables you to organize your team, work, and communicate effectively without missing anything.Workspaces allow you to gain visibility into your organization and use communities to simplify communication with other employees.

Using chat features and channels, you can reduce the pressure on your inbox and provide clearer canWimiEdit, share and store files in , and create Gantt charts and tasks to help with project management.

If you want to schedule a meeting, you can view the calendars of fellow group members, including upcoming deadlines and task milestones.You can use the platform for meetings as you can screen share and make video and audio calls.

Wimi claims it's easy to use, with a simple four-step process:

1. Create a workspace or community

2. Select Visibility or Activate Module

3. Invite participants and determine access rights

4. Working together and communicating

It's time for effective and efficient collaboration

If you've suffered from project bottlenecks and missed emails on past projects, now is the time to find a collaboration tool where your team can find all the information they need to complete their tasks.No matter your industry, you can find a collaboration tool that fits your needs.

Some of these can be customized and integrated into other platforms you use for greater efficiency.Now is the time to let your team focus on assigned tasks and get a clear picture of the big picture, rather than spending time looking for information.

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