How to Make a Checklist in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft WordA great place to keep a to-do list.Its integration with other parts of Microsoft Office lets you link to any application you might need.There are three ways toMicrosoft WordCreate a checklist in .

1. Use dynamic checkboxes

The desktop version of Microsoft Word includes a checkbox that you can turn on or off.To enable it, go to File > Options > Customize the Ribbon.


Then, check "Developer" in the list on the right.You may have to scroll down to find it.


Write list items in the document when the Developer tab is enabled.Put each on a different line.Finally, open the Developer tab and click the checkbox button.

Make sure the cursor is set where you want the box to appear.After adding the first one, you can copy and paste it.Click the checkbox to toggle.


For macOS, go to Word > Preferences to open the Word Settings window.You can also use the keyboard shortcut "Command + ,".Then, in the Ribbon and Toolbars section, check the box next to "Develop" in the "Main Tabs" list.


You can change the style of the checkbox to make it look different.Select the checkbox and select Properties from the Development tab.

At the bottom of the dialog window, you'll see options to change checked and unchecked symbols.You can choose from Microsoft's symbol library, or import your own.

2. Use custom bullets


Word can also make pen and paper checklists for you.Use an enumerated list to create a printable list.In Word, there are many ways to customize a list, but in this case, we just want to change the symbols.

Start by writing down your checklist items, each on a new line.Then select them and open the drop-down menu for the pop-up list.Select "Define New Bullet".

In the "Define New Bullet" dialog, you can select symbols, pictures or font characters.Once selected, you can change the size using the "Increase Font Size" option in the "Home" page.

3. Using Forms


Forms allow for more customization.Ordinary lists only allow two ways to mark checkboxes: complete and incomplete.In the table, you can include options to indicate that a task has been partially completed, postponed, cancelled, and more.

First, go to the "Insert" tab and add a table.Give it as many rows as you have tasks, plus a header.You need at least two columns, but you can add a third column as a remark if you want.Click and drag the vertical line to resize the column.

If you want to print the checklist, you are done.If you want to use it on your computer, there is one more step:


For number usage, you can choose shorthand notation.Click outside the table and paste the symbols you want to use.Take note of the meaning of each symbol.You can search through Word's menu, but fromUnicode TableCopying and pasting in such a library is simpler.

Now you can copy and paste the appropriate symbols into your task list.This is much faster and more consistent than recording progress by typing.

Organize Your Tasks in Microsoft Word

Checklists are an easy and intuitive way to keep track of tasks.Knowing and using it proficiently can greatly improve your work efficiency.

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