10 Best Music Recording Apps for Android

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Because of the Mac's association with creatives like musicians, you might think iOS is the only mobile platform for music recording.But that's not the case, and Android has quickly caught up in this area.


Android has some fantastic apps for recording songs.Below are our picks for the 10 best music recording apps for Android.

1. Bandlab


As a complete music creation platform, BandLab is the best recording studio app on Android.That's because it's not just a music recording app.It's a complete music maker that also lets you edit and remix your music.It has a 12-track mixer, a guitar tuner, a looper, and a plethora of audio samples that are great for band and musician setups.

However, that doesn't mean it's not a good app for a single artist or simpler to use.It records high-quality audio while giving you the option to record multiple audio tracks.

With 3700 million users worldwide, it's a decent multi-track recording app.It also has a social media element that can help you find new friends, connect with fellow musicians, or meet your next band.

Download: BandLab (free)

2. Voice Recorder


Voice Recorder has a fairly straightforward name, and it's worth checking out because it's easy to follow, offers high-quality recordings, and is completely free.It has no time limit, so you can record things like lectures, ideas, music or personal notes for as long as you need.

What makes it so great is the plethora of features that come with it.It supports everything from microphone gain calibration tools to real-time audio spectrum analyzers to background recording and more.You can also easily send and share your recordings.

Download: Voice Recorder (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Dolby On


If you want to turn your phone into a powerful recording device, Dolby On can help you do it with one click.You can use it to record podcasts, songs, voices, instruments or ideas with incredible audio quality while being free from background noise and distractions.

Dolby On is one of the best apps for recording songs because it comes with a suite of automatic studio effects that help you effortlessly enhance and improve the quality of your music.While apps like BandLab might be overkill, Dolby On is made for recording music and sharing it with the world when you're ready.

Plus, this app lets you customize your recordings with free audio effects, or fine-tune them with Dolby's Dynamic Equalizer.

Download: Dolby On (free)

4. RecForge II


As a powerful sound recorder, RecForge II has some advanced features and good sound quality, and is one of the best song recording apps out there.It can be used with external microphones and provides real-time monitoring so you can hear what your recordings look like as you play.

It also has basic editing and mixing functions.You can cut and join tracks, create loops, and easily change the tempo or pitch of your music.It also supports manual gain adjustment, as well as silent skip like Smart Recorder.

The app supports a large number of file formats, including the most common audio formats, and supports files of any quality, so you can share your music without using any other app.

Download: RecForge II (Free) | RecForge II Pro ($3.49)

5.FL Studio Mobile


FL Studio Mobile is a serious studio app worth checking out.You can use it to create and save complex and complete multi-track music projects on your Android device, tablet or Chromebook.

It's versatile and comes with numerous options to help you create beats, record vocals, and mix and master your projects.

With high-quality loops, synths and percussion, this studio app for Android lets you create the beats or instruments you want.It's also an app that lets you record on an instrument, which makes it one of the best Android apps for music production.

With such excellent features, FL Studio Mobile is a great app for recording songs.However, its interface can take some getting used to, not to mention its high price.

Download: FL Studio Mobile ($14.99)

6. Smart Recorder


If you're still wondering which app is best for recording songs, you can check out Smart Recorder, which is specifically designed for creating high-quality audio with a simple, clean interface.

It has an "Instant Skip Silence" feature that helps shorten your recordings by omitting relative silence and awkward pauses.It has great features like a real-time audio spectrum analyzer, launcher shortcuts, a mic gain calibration tool, and waveform PCM encoding that makes recording your songs or your podcasts feel like a dream.

Download: smart recorder (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Voloco


Voloco helps you record better tracks, elevate your sound to professional quality, and is intuitive to use.With 5000 million downloads, it stands out because it lets you create your best songs with over 50 effects (divided into 12 preset packs) and thousands of free beats.

Plus, as one of the best Android apps for musicians, it automatically removes background noise, corrects the pitch of your voice, and helps you stay in tune.It also offers a variety of preset EQ, compression and reverb effects to polish your recordings to perfection.

You can also extract vocals in this song recording app.Go ahead, separate them from existing songs and hear what Elvis would sound like after pitch correction.

Download: Voloco (Free, in-app purchases)

8. ASR Voice Recorder


As an easy-to-use voice recorder that lets you record audio in multiple formats, ASR Voice Recorder lets you record music or other audio through a Bluetooth microphone.It supports high-quality audio and offers easy cloud upload integration with popular cloud service providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can also group recordings by tags or trim them within the app to use, send, and share as needed.

Download: ASR Voice Recorder (Free, in-app purchases available)

9.Easy Voice Recorder


Easy Voice Recorder is easy to use and works well for simple recordings.It's one of the best apps for recording songs because you can record with just one tap, and you can fine-tune it later.You no longer have to go to great lengths to find tutorials on how to record songs on your phone using this app.

Easy Voice Recorder can perfectly meet all your needs as it has no time limit for recording.Also, it lets you choose the compression format, which also helps you save space.If you accidentally delete a file, you can also choose to restore it.

Download: EasyVoiceRecorder (Free, in-app purchases available) | EasyVoice Recorder Pro (US$3.99)

10 Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder


Although designed for commercial and academic use, Hi-Q MP3 Recorder is a great song recording app because it takes sound recording to the next level.

It lets you record and save audio in a variety of formats, including MP3, and specify input gain settings for optimal recording, while also supporting easy Wi-Fi transfer.While it may not be the best Android app for recording music, it's simple and reliable and will keep your recordings safe.

Download: Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free) | Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Pro (US$3.49)

Record audio and songs for later use

Android is always growing as a creative platform.All the music recording apps we talked about let you create high-quality audio anywhere, anytime.Whether you're taking quick voice notes, making a song for later, or storing your college lectures to listen and study, these apps will help you in your quest and do more.

Do your research, choose a recording app that fits your needs, and unleash your creativity!

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