Audacity vs. FL Studio: Which Audio Editor Should You Use?

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There are many audio editors and digital audio workstations (DAWs) you can use to create music or podcasts from scratch. Audacity andFL Studioare two very popular software that beginners often choose to use to start producing audio content.

To figure out Audacity orFL StudioWhether it is more suitable for your needs, it is helpful to break it down and compare the two.Let's take a look together.



Creating music or podcasts can get very expensive, including the cost of sound gear, instruments, plug-ins, sample cleanup, and more, so you may want to save as much money as possible.

Audacity is free software released under the General Public License (GPL), as Audacity describes in its About section.

Instead, FL Studio comes in multiple versions, all with different price tags.The cheapest version is $99 and the most expensive is $499.All editions are a one-time purchase.You can compare prices on FL Studio's Compare Versions page.

When it comes to price, Audacity is the clear winner.If you're on a budget, you might want to choose Audacity over FL Studio.

Ease of use

Editing audio can be more complicated than you think.Knowing how to navigate your audio editor is a must when working on a difficult project, or any project.

When you open Audacity, you will find its interface is very simple.There are only a few icons on the top bar, and many functions like project rate and track selection have clear names.When hovering over any of the icons, its name is immediately displayed at the bottom of the screen so you don't have to guess what the function does.


FL Studio, on the other hand, is rather complex, as its interface is full of various functions and the horribly nested menus that come with those functions.

FL Studio opens with multiple windows like Playlist, Channel Rack and Mixer-Host, and then you have a browser on the left that you can use to search for plugins and sounds, whether they are stock or XNUMXrd party , and lots of icons on the top bar.

While FL Studio's interface does name all the icons and tries to give the user some information, you might get overwhelmed by how much space all the different functions take up.


When it comes to ease of use, Audacity is the clear winner. FL Studio is more complex because it offers many advanced features; if you're looking for an audio editor, the things you can do with it are almost limitless, which is fine, but if you just want an audio editor for your work Feel comfortable and familiar, and that's not great.

record audio

Both software are great for recording and processing audio, but which one is better for you often depends on the type of equipment you have and the type of audio you want to work with.Many microphones produce feedback or static sound when used in FL Studio, especially if your sound card doesn't fit the bill and you're not using an audio interface.

Typically, it might be easier to record the audio in Audacity, then save it as a WAV file, open it in FL Studio, and apply effects.However, you may find that Audacity, while generally simpler to use, doesn't give you the most professional sound.


Plugins and VST support

Downloading plugins and VSTs is probably something you need to do during the audio editing process, especially if you work in music production or mixing and mastering.While both FL Studio and Audacity support downloadable plugins and VSTs, the former has more options.

Audacity lacks many plugins and VSTs, and the download process isn't as streamlined, which can be a problem given the limited functionality of the software.

On the other hand, FL Studio is very easy to download plugins and VSTs and get started right away.The community around FL Studio is very friendly and can often save you time searching for the best sites to download VSTs and instruments.

Music production


While it's true that you can make music in Audacity and FL Studio, there's only one software you really want to do.Making beats on Audacity is tedious and time-consuming because the software doesn't really take that into account.

On the other hand, FL Studio is made for music production. FL Studio's user interface, while a bit overwhelming at first, is more adaptive for the purpose.

While you can still use Audacity to record audio and convert it to different file formats, if you want to make music, you absolutely need FL Studio or another DAW.

Overall function

Both of these software achieve their goals very well. Audacity is a free, lightweight audio editor with no restrictions on adding third-party features, while FL Studio is a more streamlined, professional software focused on music production and processing.

However, when it comes to overall functionality, you'd be hard-pressed to find an audio editor that offers more than FL Studio.Throughout its history, it has continued to refine and improve itself, and the community support has continued to improve, making music production easier as a whole.

Audacity or FL Studio: Which Audio Editor is Best for You?

Ultimately, when it comes to working with audio editors, you can benefit from Audacity and FL Studio.While the latter has more comprehensive features at your disposal, Audacity's simplicity tends to make it easier to record and save audio to multiple file formats.

Since Audacity is free, you don't have to worry about emptying your pockets, and FL Studio is affordable enough if you just want to dive into the world of audio editing.

While FL Studio is initially more complicated to learn, there are many communities and YouTube channels on the web that make it easier to learn.

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