5 Easy Ways to Remove Backgrounds from Pictures

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You may want to remove the background from a photo for various reasons.Maybe you want to get rid of unnecessary objects, add shadows or reflections, add more items to your photo, or swap your background for better visuals.


A free background will open up more possibilities.Until now, users have relied on photo editing to remove backgrounds.Let's explore some web applications to remove the background of pictures and show you how to use them.

1. Clipping Magic


ClippingMagic is a simple application that removes the background of images.First, click the Upload Image button to upload your photo.After a successful upload, you will see two adjacent panels, with your photo on the left and a preview with the background removed on the right.

Use the Keep Tool (+) to mark the objects and the Delete Tool (-) to mark the background of the picture.You don't have to label every edge of the object precisely; show the app what you want to keep, and the tool will do the rest.

In areas with too blurry or noisy edges, zoom in on the image and tap the scalpel tool to manually adjust the clip.

To further refine the image, click the Edge menu to control your edge smoothness, feathering and offset.Smart smoothing set to "1" is enough to achieve a nice foreground border.

At any point during the editing process, click More > Undo or Clear Marks to start over. ClippingMagic also provides several tools to change background color (white or transparent), color (RGB slider), adjust contrast, remove color casts, and more.

pros and cons

If you want to sell something online, ClippingMagic lets you upload images in bulk and clip them quickly.Be sure to set the default settings, resolution and crop settings.

You can upload and edit any number of pictures, but to download you need a subscription.

Perhaps the biggest downside is that you need a constant internet connection since uploading and processing images takes a bit of time.

2. FotoFuze


FotoFuzeis a specialized photography tool that can remove the poor quality background of photos with white background.Click the New Album button, enter a name, and start uploading images.

Once you upload the image, click on the magic highlighter tool to highlight the object.When you're done highlighting,FotoFuzewill show you a mini live preview of the image.

If your Fuze doesn't appear as expected, check the helpful error override box.Areas marked in red usually indicate problems fusing photos.

To further refine the image, drag the sliders to change brightness, background sharpness, and sensitivity.Click the "Done" button to blur the image.

FotoFuze also lets you color correct pictures, fix exposure-related issues, automatically crop pictures, and more.With the pro version, you can see a larger image preview, blur the photo with a size of 4500*4500, reduce image noise, and add a watermark.

pros and cons

FotoFuze has built-in support for the Etsy platform.In addition to image cleanup, you can also create, update, draft and duplicate your listings directly from FotoFuze.

With an affordable FotoFuze subscription, you can blur multiple photos (4500*4500), download high-resolution photos, reduce image noise, add watermarks, and more.

On the other hand, FotoFuze doesn't work well on textured or uneven backgrounds.It needs a grey, black or untextured background.

3. PhotoScissors


PhotoScissors is a web application that automatically removes the background of pictures.Click on the upload image button, and after a while, you'll see a canvas with two adjacent panels.The left panel shows your local image - the right is a preview panel (with the background removed).

Use the green tool (+) to mark the objects and the yellow tool (-) to mark the background of the image.You don't have to select the area precisely; just be sure to place the green marker within the line of the object.

If you make a mistake, click the Undo button and repeat the process.

To thin the edges of the image, click the Foreground tab and choose a value from the Border Offset options.A positive value moves the edge outward, a negative value moves the edge inward.These changes happen in real time.

Use the Feather effect to sharpen the edges of the image.Ideally, for solid and flat objects, pick a value between 0-3 and see what the difference is.

pros and cons

A key benefit is that you can set up presets for your images if you want to sell products online.These presets are available for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Facebook and Instagram.

On the negative side of things, online image editors lack sophisticated tools to refine images.Consider using these free AI photo editors to simplify your workflow.

There are also restrictions on image size (<10MB) and resolution (max 4.2 Mpx).To get rid of these limitations, and remove the background of your pictures in bulk, buy the desktop app for Mac or PC.

4. Adobe Express


Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a web app that provides diverse tools (templates and assets) for your design projects, be it posters, flyers, logos, social media content, and more.To learn more, read our guide on Creative Cloud Express and its applications.

Click "Remove Background" at "Home" > "Try Quick Actions".In the dialog that appears, click Browse on your device. Adobe Express will automatically remove the background of your image within seconds.

You can also choose to customize the image or download it as a PNG file.You can swap backgrounds, convert images to different design formats, add effects and logos, and more.

pros and cons

Adobe Express is a feature-rich application that provides you with a range of editing tools.You probably don't need any other apps.

However, the ability to fine-tune images requires an Adobe Express membership.

5. Microsoft Office


By default, the Office suite has a built-in feature that removes the background of a picture.The process is different in Microsoft 365 (or Office 2019) versus Office 2016 or earlier, but works the same in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In Microsoft Office, select a picture whose background you want to remove, then choose Picture Format > Remove Background.

The app will try to figure out the backgrounds and mark them purple.To fine-tune your selection, click Mark areas to keep or Mark areas to remove, and use the drawing pencil to mark those areas.

When you're done, select Keep Changes to save the picture.

For Office 2016 (or earlier), select the picture and go to the "Format" tab.Choose Picture Tools > Adjustments > Remove Background.Drag the handle on the outline containing the part of the image you want to keep, and continue.

pros and cons

Microsoft Office is an offline way to quickly remove backgrounds from photos.However, you shouldn't buy or subscribe to Microsoft Office just for this purpose.

The markup tool is a bit tricky to use, so it might not give you the best results on the first try.The tool may not work properly with images that use complex color combinations or have poor contrast.

Fine-tune your photos

Whether you're just starting out in product photography or an e-commerce business, using any of the tools mentioned above will allow you to remove the background of your images without learning Photoshop.

However, removing the background can be more difficult if you fail to take a good photo in the first place.So, make sure you have the basics in videography.

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