The Best Windows 11 Dark Themes for Customizing Your Desktop

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There are many themes available for Windows 11, but those with dark tones have a solid and unique appeal.In addition, dark-colored themes are easy to brighten the eyes and look shocking.


If you're a dark mode lover looking for cool dark themes to customize your Windows 11 PC, keep reading.We've rounded up some of the best dark themes, from picturesque landscapes and black cars to space images and deep blue skies.

How to Install and Personalize Desktop Themes

The themes presented here do not require external applications to use them.Here's how to install and personalize them:

1. Download your favorite theme to your Windows computer.

2. If the theme is from the Microsoft Store, once you open it, it will automatically be added to the Theme section in Personalization.Other themes can be installed by double-clicking on the theme pack file -- they will also appear in the themes section.

To enjoy a dark theme beyond the desktop, you can also choose an accent color that matches your theme.Methods as below:

1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop.

2. Select "Personalization", open "Personalization", and select "Color".

3. Set the Accent Color option to Auto by clicking the down arrow.The system will then automatically set an accent color based on the current wallpaper color.

4. You can also use the same color theme on the taskbar, start menu, calendar pane, notification pane, and title bar and Windows borders.Just scroll down to the bottom of the Colors page and check the boxes next to "Show accent color on Start menu and taskbar" and "Show accent color on title bars and window borders".

Also, when you switch themes, dark mode in apps tends to change to light mode.So, to get back to dark mode, tap on the color in personalization, then use the down arrow to select your default app mode and change the mode to dark.

1. Windows 11 Dark Mode


Windows 11 has a cool dark mode that you can easily enable across the OS and apps.

Right-click the "Start" button (Windows icon) on the taskbar and select "Settings".In Settings, click Personalize in the left pane, then select Colors.On the "Colors" page, click the down arrow next to "Choose your mode" and select "Dark".

2. Grey Eve


Gray Eve is a simple minimalist theme that turns your desktop into a deep black space.In addition, it provides dark gray shades for Windows applications with white borders.You'll see this grayed-out effect in settings, start menu, calendar pane, notification pane, file explorer, and other system app windows.

According to the developers, Gray Eve is based on a Windows high-contrast theme that you can apply without modifying your system.

3. The Northern Lights


The Northern Lights are natural lights that flicker in the sky.This spectacular light show occurs when Earth's magnetic field redirects energy particles from the sun towards the North Pole.

The Northern Lights have fascinated scientists and sky watchers for thousands of years, and you can watch their magic on your screen with this free set of 15 themes.Enjoy stunning long exposure photos of the Northern Lights and Milky Way from around the world, including Norway, Iceland, Thailand and Death Valley, USA.

4. Forest Camo Special Edition


As the name suggests, this theme showcases the forest's camouflage in dark, dark and green tones.

There's a typical camo design, one with a fabric feel, and some featuring the beauty of plants and trees, lakes and mountains.

This exclusive theme pack consists of nine images that will bring a breath of nature to your Windows desktop.Plus, it's designed to coordinate perfectly with the Forest Camo Special Edition Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse.

Another cool dark theme you can check out is "Night Camo Special Edition "Theme pack, which has a similar camouflage theme but in a cool shade of blue.

5. Earth From Above Premium


If you've ever wondered what the Earth looks like from above the blue sky, this theme offers mesmerizing images of our planet in all its glory.

Earth and its continents, weather and global silhouette from a distance.This set of premium 14k themes with 4 pictures will fill your desktop with the magnificence of Earth.

6. Dark Skies by Tracy Hymas


Blue and black skies define this dark theme, photographed by Tracy Hymas.From deep blue skies spanning farms and fields to dark and almost black clouds before a thunderstorm, you'll see the depth of dark tones fill your screen.

Enter a mysterious and ominous world of Gothic in this free set of 10 Windows themes.

7. Dark Abstract


Abstract creation may not have a definite form, but it can depict extraordinary beauty, especially when it is an abstract work with a dark theme.This dark theme collection will elevate the look of your desktop with its art that blends dark colors and innovative shapes.

Enjoy this theme, it has 17 wallpapers with creative combinations of different shapes, colors and textures.

8. Dark Fantasy Landscape


Dark fantasy art can feel scary and gloomy at times.However, as a fan, you'll love how mysterious landscapes, strange creatures, and deep shadows look on your desktop in this dark fantasy landscape theme.

Enjoy this display of 16 high-definition imaginary landscapes featuring dark atmospheres, elements of horror, and tiny figures in the background.

9. Dark Cars


Cars designed to drive fast hold a special place in the hearts of speed lovers like you.The experience is even more appealing when the color is dark, reflecting a bold and striking look.

If you like fast and dark cars, you will love this Dark Cars Theme, which has 17 HD wallpapers featuring luxury car brands and models such as Lamborghini, Audi, Aston-Martin, Maserati, Lexus and many more.

10 Dark Amoled


Love the thrill of horror, mystery and fantasy?Then you'll love this Dark Amoled theme that showcases scenes from zombie-inspired movies, horror stories, and dark fantasy art.

Evil creatures, spooky creatures, haunted towns and dark forests - it's all in this dark theme with 11 premium HD wallpapers for your Windows 16 desktop.

11 Dark space


If you are interested in outer space and its mysteries, the dark space theme will delight you.

This dark theme has 18 Ultra HD wallpapers featuring scenes including the sparkle of stars in the dark expanse, the beauty of planets surrounded by bright colors, and many more stunning images to brighten up your desktop and computer.

Customize your desktop with the Windows 11 dark theme

As a dark theme lover, you will agree that black and dark colors make everything look cool and tasteful.So why not try these dark themes and bring your Windows 11 computer to life with their beautiful, mysterious and awesome scenes.


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