How to Control Your Privacy on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook's Messenger app is a smooth messaging and calling platform with an attractive interface.Users can sync their contacts on Instagram and Messenger in one place, creating a virtual space for all messaging activities.

Since random people can contact you on Messenger, you'll want to create a safe space to message others with confidence and privacy.Users can make various modifications to the app to be more cautious about spam.

Here we will discuss theFacebook MessengerBasic methods for maintaining privacy.


Control privacy on Messenger

From time to time, Messenger updates its privacy policy and adds various features to promote a safer and more convenient experience.Here are the top tips for controlling your privacy on Messenger.

Adjust your messaging settings

Message sending settings help you gain more control over your Messenger account by allowing who can send messages directly to your inbox.Others won't be notified when you change sending settings, and they can continue texting without knowing it.

to change yourFacebook MessengerSend settings for:

1. Open the Messenger app and tap your profile picture at the top left of the screen.

2. In this menu, there are different settings that can help you to customize the Messenger app according to your convenience.Select Privacy from the menu.

3. In Privacy, the first option you will see is Messaging.Click on it to make the changes you want.

4. Change your settings accordingly.For example, if you want to move a close friend to a different folder, tap the person with your phone number and change the option from Chat to Message Requests or Don't Receive Requests.

These changes are automatically made on your phone and applied from the next message you receive.

Likewise, users with connected accounts can also control their Instagram sending settings from their Messenger account.

Limit one Facebook Messenger account

The restriction feature is an added bonus for those who use Facebook Messenger, as you can restrict each contact individually.This is a great way to avoid a particular person without blocking them from your account.Also, there is no limit to how many contacts you can limit.

To restrict someone on Messenger:

1. Open the chat of the person you want to restrict.

2. Tap their username at the top.

3. In the menu, scroll down until you see "Restrictions" and tap it.

4. Select Restrict Users.

The other person won't know that you restricted them, but it will move the chat from your main inbox folder to the message request folder.You can visit the Message Requests folder to unblock someone and access their chat history.

You will not be notified of any messages or calls from that person.Still, if you want to take extreme measures, just block them on your Messenger account.

Turn on Messenger's Security Alert

Chats on Messenger are end-to-end encrypted.This layer of security ensures that your conversations are only between you and that specific contact.Adding a security tip will update E2EE with changes to chat content when someone installs Messenger on a new device, resets the phone, or reinstalls the app.

To turn on security alerts on Messenger:





1. Click your profile photo in the upper left corner.

2. Navigate to Privacy.

3. Select Security Alerts.

4. Toggle the contact's key change tab to enable security alerts.

It's worth remembering that changing a contact's key isn't always dangerous, which is why you should check with that person before taking any further steps.

Limit Your Messenger Stories Audience

Messenger Stories has an Instagram-like interface and similar features.We strongly advise against sharing your story with the public unless you feel comfortable or are using the Messenger app to promote something.

To limit your Messenger Story audience:



1. Navigate to Stories from your profile picture in the chat area.

2. Choose a setting between Public, Friends and Custom.

By choosing Custom, you can choose the contacts to show the story to.If you want to hide it from only a few users, click Hide Story and select the desired contacts.

Hide your Facebook Messenger active status

Not everyone needs to know if you're active on Messenger because they might try to bother you.To avoid trouble, consider hiding your activity status.

1. From the Messenger main menu, tap the Active Status option.

2. Toggle one or two tabs depending on how you want people to see your status.

Turning off active status doesn't mean you won't be shown when you're using Messenger.Your contacts might see the last time you opened the Messenger app, or the word "active now," but not that green dot or your name in the list.

Delete your Messenger search history

Clearing your search history is always a good idea.It restricts any third person with access to your account from knowing your account activity. Messenger allows users to delete search history in a few simple steps:



1. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.

2. It will open a new page showing all your recent searches.

3. Click "Edit" to modify the history.

4. Tap the cross to remove the search from the list, or tap Clear All to remove all searches.

Delete your Messenger messages and conversations

One of the easiest ways to control your Messenger privacy is to delete your conversations.need to be able to do this:



1. Long tap the conversation you want to delete.It will open a new menu.

2. Select Delete and your conversation with that person will be permanently deleted.

You can also delete individual messages in a chat by opening a conversation and long-pressing on the message.



Each time you select a message, if it is your message, press Cancel or Delete, if it is sent by another user, press Delete.Remember, the rest of the dialogue is still available.

Enjoy Facebook Messenger Without Compromising Privacy

Messenger is a great platform to interact with people you know.It is possible to improve your privacy by taking a few extra steps.

You can control Messenger's privacy by changing settings for sending and security alerts, your activity status, and deleting conversations.Beyond that, clearing your browsing data keeps you safe, even if someone gets into your account.

Apply these changes now for a safe and secure messaging experience that minimizes the risk of privacy violations.

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