What is password fatigue and how to prevent it?

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Our lives today are full of online accounts and services that require passwords.From social media accounts to banking and payment accounts, we protect them with passwords.

It's no secret that reusing passwords is a bad habit.Therefore, we tend to have as many unique passwords as possible.

Unfortunately, this is cumbersome and somewhat impossible because the average human brain is limited in what it can remember.

So if you find it hard to remember your passwords, you may be suffering from what's known as password fatigue.But what exactly is it and how can you prevent it?


What is password fatigue?

Password fatigue is an unpleasant feeling of exhaustion that people experience when trying to remember numerous passwords.Password fatigue is also known as password confusion -- a fitting name, don't you think?Research shows that the average person has at least 100 passwords.This is a quantity that needs to be memorized.And, it's overwhelming.

Because there are so many passwords to record, people tend to repeat passwords on different platforms, or use very weak common passwords because they are easier to remember.This relieves the psychological burden of remembering passwords.

According to a LastPass study, 91% of people are aware of the security risks of password reuse, but 61% still reuse or use weak passwords.This leads to security breaches.But when weighing the consequences, people would rather take the risk than experience the oppression of memorizing passwords.

What Causes Password Fatigue?


Efforts to improve cybersecurity and prevent security risks by increasing password-related security requirements have led to password fatigue, a potentially more dangerous problem.Some of the requirements that lead to password fatigue include:

1. Use long, complex, varied passwords, including uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

2. Reset your password frequently.

3. Have people enter their password twice.

4. Use a complex, non-default username.

What are the dangers of password fatigue?

In addition to the mental impact and stress that comes with password fatigue, it also poses a huge cybersecurity risk.Humans are the most important part of a system, and therefore the most vulnerable.It doesn't matter how secure a system or device is, it's only up to the people who use it.

Password fatigue is dangerous because it leads to poor password hygiene.Because people get frustrated with remembering many complex passwords, they adopt weak passwords and even reuse them.Hackers exploit this fatigue to compromise people's devices and accounts, as weak and duplicate passwords are easy to crack and dictionary attacks.

Many websites and apps try to keep people using complex passwords by increasing restrictions on password length and complexity, causing password fatigue and making people store their passwords insecurely.People have been known to write sensitive passwords in books, or even in text files on their computers, which, as you already know, are very insecure.

How to prevent password fatigue?


Now that we've identified the problems of password fatigue, let's talk about how to fix them.We can prevent the stress of password fatigue by implementing passwordless logins, password managers, and SSO in the authentication process.

1. Password Manager

As the name suggests, a password manager manages your passwords.A password manager is an application that securely stores your passwords so you don't have to remember them.These passwords can then be accessed through a master password.Some password managers can even generate strong passwords for you to use.

2. Passwordless Authentication

What if you could log into your device or account without entering a password?Passwordless authentication or login enables you to prove your identity without any password.Some examples of passwordless logins include biometric scans such as fingerprint and facial recognition, SMS-based authentication, email-based authentication, social media logins, and more.

3. Single Sign-On SSO

Single sign-on is a software service that eliminates password fatigue by enabling you to use only one password, automatically giving you access to all your devices and accounts.

Are you feeling password fatigued?

If you're experiencing password fatigue, don't worry.Password fatigue is real, and many people experience it too.

Thankfully, you can follow the preventative steps above to end password fatigue and optimize your security.Soon, you won't feel that way anymore.

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