How to Activate and Use Facebook's Dating Feature (Totally Free)

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If you're single, you know about dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble.actually,FacebookAlso offers its own dating service and is easily available on the mobile app.

Although not many users, it is actually a good choice because it takes advantage of the hugeFacebookaudience, and promises to connect you more easily with people who share your interests and activities.Also, unlike the vast majority of dating apps,facebook datingis completely free.

How to activatefacebook dating

Facebook Dating is only available in the mobile app (Android, iOS), so you can't access it on a web browser or computer.But accessing dating apps is simple:

1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.

2. Click on the three-line menu

3. In the All Shortcuts section, look for Appointments.If you don't see it, scroll down and tap See more.

If you don't see the Appointment shortcut, tap See more.

4. Click [Date]

You can easily find appointment shortcuts by tapping the menu button in the Facebook app.

5. Click [Get Started]

6. Follow the instructions to set up your profile. Facebook imports a lot of details from your Facebook profile, but you can specify which items will be part of your new profile.

You can quickly complete personal information settings.

7. Continue to complete the profile setup.You can specify details like your height, whether you have kids, and whether you want to use location services so Facebook Dating can match you with the right people.

8. When done, click Confirm to publish your profile.

How to Dating Using Facebook

After you complete the above settings.Here's how we can start experimenting with the Facebook dating app:

At the top of the page, you'll see three buttons: Profile, Liked you, and Matches.There is also a gear icon in the upper right corner.



Profile: Tap Profile to customize your dating profile.You can add or delete photos, add introductory text, adjust statistics, and add hobbies and interests.

Liked you: Click this button to see any other users who have "liked" your profile, and you can also like or close them from here.If you both select "Like", that person will eventually go to the "Match" section.

Matches: If both parties like each other, other users will appear at the top of this page.Tap the photo to start a conversation with that person, and the active conversation will appear in the lower half of the page.

Gear: Customize what you think is your ideal match.You can specify living distance, age, gender, height, language, etc.

The center section of the page is a photo of your possible matches.You can tap the "heart" button to like a profile, or tap the "X" to dislike a profile, but if you want more information before making a decision, tap the photo.Now you will see all the details along with other photos.You can tap buttons to like or dislike, or swipe right to like and left to dislike, just like any other dating app.

In the "More to Explore" section, there are many other options:

Facebook Dating gives you many features not available in other dating apps, such as the ability to see if an acquaintance has a crush on you as well.


Second view: Tap this button to view profiles you didn't like before.Unlike most other dating apps, this gives you another opportunity to view and like the profiles you pass on.

Co-Activity: Facebook gives you the opportunity to be matched with users based on your registered Facebook activity.It can suggest possible matches if you both attended the same event.

Shared Groups: Likewise, Facebook can pair you with members who belong to the same Facebook groups you belong to.

Secret Crush: Is there anyone on Facebook interested in romance?Clicking this button gives you the opportunity to choose Facebook friends or Instagram followers - you can add up to nine at a time.If you do, that person will be told they have a secret crush.If that person also marks you as a crush, your identity will be revealed.

It's a powerful and complete app, and it's completely free, and thanks to its huge audience and diverse matching mechanics, it might be your best bet to say goodbye to being single!





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