Which Amazon Echo Show should you buy?

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AmazonEcho Showis a smart speaker with a screen.The device could be placed in the home and let people interact with Amazon Alexa, watch security camera footage, check real-time weather forecasts, and even stream content from apps like Netflix.

Amazon now offers five different versions ofEcho Show--Echo Show 15, Echo Show 10, Echo Show 8, Echo Show 5, and Echo Show 5 Kids.


But what's the difference between all the different Echo Show models?More importantly, which Echo Show device is right for you?Let's take a look together:

1. Echo Show 15


The latest Echo Show on the market is the Echo Show 15.Released in September 2021, it's the first Echo Show model designed to hang on a wall rather than sit on a countertop.

The fact that the Echo Show 15 hangs on the wall makes it feel more like a TV than a smart device.However, its 15.6-inch screen is about the size of a typical laptop screen.That means it's not as intrusive as a TV, especially in places like the kitchen, where you probably don't want the allure of a full-featured TV in the home area.

Because it's wall-mounted, the Echo Show 15 is the perfect choice for use in the kitchen.It will do a great job of staving off the wrong liquids and food waste, but you can still easily use it to guide recipes and other similar tasks.

Under the hood, the Echo Show 15 is a powerful device, thanks to Amazon's new AZ2 processor (an upgrade from the AZ2020 processor found in the 1 Echo and Echo Dot speakers). The AZ2 processor means the Echo Show 15 can support Amazon's Visual ID, a facial recognition system, as well as on-screen gadgets.

Other features include a front-facing camera (with a physical shutter button), an easy-to-use mic/camera off button, and a screen with 1080p resolution in portrait or landscape.

The Echo Show 15 is $249.99 and is only available in black.

2. Echo Show 10


The Echo Show 10, which went on sale in February 2021, is now in its third generation, keeping it relatively fresh in Amazon's design room.

The device is mounted on your countertop, not the wall.However, it stands out from other countertop models due to its unique motorized base.It will rotate on the base while using a built-in camera and tracking algorithms to ensure the screen is always facing you.

The mobility of the Echo Show 10 means the device is a great choice for use in environments like the kitchen, but it's also a solid addition to the office if you want to use it to make video calls or track business data in real time while you're on the move.

Spec-wise, you get a three-inch woofer, two one-inch tweeters, a 10.1-inch screen, and a 1300-megapixel camera.

Like the Echo Show 15, it's $249.99, which means you'll need to decide where and how you plan to use your Amazon Echo before hitting the buy button.It is available in Charcoal and Glacier White.

3. Echo Show 8


The mid-sized Echo Show 8 is considered by many to be the best smart display device in Amazon's entire lineup.

The slightly smaller size makes it more practical (and less visually intrusive) than its larger sibling, while the lower price point for what is essentially the same feature list means it's more appealing to those on a tighter budget.

Like all other Echo Show gadgets, the Echo Show 8 supports watching/streaming video, listening to music, getting weather reports, interacting with Alexa, making video conference calls, and controlling other smart home devices in your home.However, the price is only $129.99, which is almost half the price of the Echo Show 10.

You get an 1280-inch screen with a resolution of 800x8, a microphone and camera on/off button.

If you opt for the second-gen version, you also get a 1300-megapixel camera.This is a huge upgrade from the 100-megapixel camera in the first-generation model.The improved camera makes the Echo Show 8 a better productivity device for those who want to use it for Zoom calls.

Elsewhere, it has two 10W speakers.No subwoofer.It is also available in Charcoal and Glacier White.

4. Echo Show 5


The cheapest and smallest Echo Show device in this lineup is the Echo Show 5.It's a very compact device that can fit on a nightstand or a small table.It's best viewed as a complementary Echo Show rather than as the main Echo Show in the home.

The screen size is 5.5 inches, and the second generation has a 200-megapixel camera (with a physical shutter).There are all the usual Alexa features like searching the web, making phone calls, streaming music, accessing calendars and agendas, and controlling your other smart home gadgets.Like the Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 8, it's available in Charcoal and Glacier White, with the addition of a third color option: Deep Sea Blue.

Of course, the Echo Show 5's main selling point is the price.You can get it for just $49.99, making it the same or less expensive as rivals like the Lenovo Smart Clock and Nest Hub.

This is the perfect gadget if you already have an Echo Show at home or want to test the waters before buying a more expensive Echo Show.

5. Echo Show 5 Kids


The last Echo Show was the Echo Show 5 Kids Edition.In many ways, it's nearly identical to the regular Echo Show 5, but it has some key differences that make it suitable for playrooms and kids' bedrooms.

The most important new addition to this device is parental controls.You can use it to set video time limits, filter content, moderate activity, and set bedtimes.The device also works as a more full-fledged version of a baby monitor.It's a great option for parents who want to watch their teens at night.

From a kid's perspective, a chameleon color scheme or a Mickey Mouse-inspired stand would obviously appeal, along with a free one-year subscription to Amazon Kids, support for Audible audiobooks, and built-in interactive games.The version without the kickstand is $59.99, and the version with the Mickey Mouse-inspired kickstand is $84.98.

Which Echo Show is the best?

It all depends on how you plan to use your device.If you need a central hub for all your Alexa needs, opt for the new Echo Show 15.If you don't want a wall-mounted model, we prefer the less bulky Echo Show 8 to the Echo Show 10.And for the bedroom, you can choose one of two Echo Show 5s.

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