Should you buy an Apple Watch?5 Questions to Ask Before Buying

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The Apple Watch is newer than its smartphone, tablet and computer counterparts.But in the time since the first product launched in 2015, these devices have become more commonplace.


If you're an Apple fan looking to try something new, or you're just looking for a new watch to try, the Apple Watch will likely appeal to you.But before you consider buying, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Do you use an Apple Watch?


Before doing anything else, you need to ask why you feel you should get an Apple Watch.Apple Watches aren't cheap, and there's no point buying one if you're going to have it dusting the corner of your room.

If you're interested in fitness and you think the investment will motivate you to get more exercise every day, it's worth considering buying.If you already exercise regularly, you might also want to consider getting an Apple Watch, especially if you track your results on your iPhone.

Of course, you don't need to useApple WatchExercise to enjoy its benefits.It's also worth considering getting one if you think you'll be using your device to help listen to music or read messages delivered to your iPhone.

Conversely, if you quickly get bored with new gadgets, you might want to think twice.It's also worth reconsidering the investment if you've been disliking your watches and find it a hassle to put them on every morning.

2. Will the Apple Watch improve the quality of your workouts?


Ask yourself why you should buy an Apple Watch?If you're already a fitness junkie, you probably already use some form of technique to help you get through the last few moves in the gym, or the last mile of your morning run.This could be your smartphone, another smartwatch, or wireless headphones.

You might start paying attention to the Apple Watch because you feel like you can use the technology more effectively while exercising.In some cases, having a new watch might help; other times, it won't.

If you want to measure your performance without carrying your iPhone around, the Apple Watch can help improve the quality of your workouts.Also, if you're interested in using the fitness features on your Apple Watch, you can benefit from better results.

From another perspective, if you're currently stuck, the Apple Watch might not help.While you may feel more motivated at first, the novelty of a new gadget will eventually wear off.Likewise, the Apple Watch won't improve the quality of your workouts if you don't push yourself out of your comfort zone; recording your results is just one aspect.

3. Do you have the budget to buy an Apple Watch?


The next question you need to ask is whether you can afford it right now.The quality of Apple products comes at a price, and the same is true when we're talking about the Apple Watch.A basic Apple Watch will still cost around $199 at the Apple Store, with some models costing over $700.

You also need to keep in mind that if you want to use it without an iPhone or Wi-FiApple WatchFor all the features, you'll need to have a cellular watch with a cellular plan -- which will increase your monthly bill slightly.If you can't afford it without going into debt, you shouldn't buy an Apple Watch.

However, you don't necessarily need to buy a brand new Apple Watch.If you look online, you may find places to buy used equipment that is still good enough.You also don't necessarily need to buy the latest model, as older models will still have new updates years after they come out.

If you still don't have the money to buy an Apple Watch after looking at used devices, don't worry -- you can buy it later.Instead of financing purchases with a credit card, create a savings plan that gives you the freedom to make purchases once you have the money.

4. Do you have an iPhone that can be paired with your Apple Watch?


If you think you'll use your Apple Watch to justify a purchase, and you can afford it, you're on the right track.Now, all you need to do is make sure you have an iPhone.When you first buy an Apple Watch, you need to pair it with your Apple iPhone to set up your Apple Watch.

Once the device is set up, you can technically use the Apple Watch without an iPhone.But while you can listen to podcasts and music, as well as check the time and a few other features, you're drastically limiting what you can do.

If a family member has an iPhone, they can use Family Settings to set up your Apple Watch.

If you don't have an iPhone now, you can buy a new one.However, since this is a huge up-front investment, you might want to do this first and then hold off on buying an Apple Watch for a while.

5. Have you compared the Apple Watch to other watches on the market?


When considering buying an Apple Watch, it's important to keep in mind that you have plenty of other smartwatch options.Also, while the Apple Watch has a lot of exciting features and a user-friendly operating system, they might not be the best for you.

Popular alternatives to the Apple Watch include:






While the Apple Watch won't work without an iPhone, you can still use the likes of Fitbit and Samsung with your iOS device.A lot of people choose to buy a Fitbit instead of an Apple Watch because they are so much more affordable.

Ask yourself why you should buy an Apple Watch?

It's no surprise that Apple sells millions of watches every year.These devices are great companions to your iPhone, helping you better track your fitness results and perform several other functions from your wrist.

But at the same time, it's worth asking yourself a few questions before considering a purchase.While the Apple Watch looks pretty good, you might find it better to try something else.

Is the Apple Watch worth buying?It depends on your needs.If you've decided that an Apple Watch is ideal for you, you can afford it, and you have an iPhone to pair with it, then you should consider buying it.

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