How to use the Xbox app Game Performance Matching Metrics for PC

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Console gamers don't have to worry about whether the games they want to play are compatible with their devices.It works as long as the game is designed for their console brand and era.

However, when it comes to PCs, that's not the case.This is because there are many PC models on the market, each with different specs and price points.Because of this, it's not easy to know if a game will run smoothly on your current gaming computer.


To solve this problem,XboxIntroduced game performance fit metrics.Here's how to use it:

What are game performance matching metrics?

XboxThe Game Performance Fit Metric is a feature of the Xbox app that checks the specs of your current gaming PC.It then compares those figures to millions of other devices with similar performance and sees how the game you're watching generally performs.

This feature means you no longer have to dig through a game's detail page to see if it meets the minimum requirements recommended by the game's developers to run the game smoothly.Additionally, the game performance fit metrics provided by Xbox come from real-world data.

So if the game performance fit the metrics say it should play well on this PC, you can trust that the game will run well on your device since thousands of other players are already installed on similar systems and ran the game without any issues.

How to Use Game Performance Matching Metrics


It's easy to check how the game will run on your system on the Xbox app.All you need to do is open the app and click on any game in your Game Pass library.In the game preview, under the install button, you'll see an indicator of how the game will run on a PC with similar specs to yours.

You can also see game performance fit metrics on the game's homepage.You can find this information next to the number of times you played the game with your Xbox friends under the star rating.

Since this metric is based on real-world data, if a game was recently added, was pre-release/pre-purchased, or if Xbox doesn't have enough player data yet to compare how it would perform on your system, you'll see Performance checks are not yet available.


If that's the case, or your system isn't getting the huge effect it should on this PC result, that's when you should check the system requirements for this title.

Click the "Full Details" icon next to the "Install" button to go to the game's home page, then click the "More" tab to see its minimum and recommended requirements.


A word of caution: even if a game plays fine on this PC on your Xbox app, it doesn't mean it will run at the best image quality.

Forza Horizon 5, for example, achieved a "should play well on this PC" metric on a laptop with an Intel i7-10870H processor, a mobile NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, and 16GB of RAM.However, it scored the same on another laptop with an Intel i5-9300H processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, and 8GB of RAM.

Naturally, a high-spec PC can run Forza Horizon 5 in high quality while still getting high FPS.You can also run the game smoothly on low-spec PCs, but you must choose medium or low quality to avoid frame drops and stuttering.

Are you ready to play?

The Game Performance Fit indicator for the Xbox app will let you know at a glance whether the game you're watching is available on your PC.You can make sure the new game you're saving will work with your device.

With Game Performance Metrics, you can avoid the frustration of expecting, downloading, and installing a new game, only to find it unplayable on your PC.


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