Adobe Fresco vs. Procreate: Which is better?

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More artists are flocking to mobile or tablet apps to create art on the go.With so many options, how can you decide which app to use?Adobe CoolProcreateThere are options for iPad, as well as other ways to use these tools.


We'll show you what else each program has to offer and answer the following questions:Adobe CoolProcreateWhich is better?

Available platforms


Procreate and Fresco are primarily known as tablet drawing apps, but there are other platforms available as well.They are largely competing with each other, but each has individual options that the other does not offer.


Procreateis a drawing application for iPad.It doesn't work with other tablets, which means it takes advantage of a lot of the iPad's technological advancements -- including Valkaryie engine power.

Procreate runs on iPads running iPadOS 14.4 or later, and you can use either the first-generation Apple Pencil or the second-generation Apple Pencil, depending on which one your iPad is compatible with.

Procreate also offers the Procreate Pocket designed for the iPhone.Procreate Pocket is slightly different from Procreate due to screen space, but it basically has most of the same features. Procreate Pocket will not work with Apple Pencil, as Apple Pencil is not yet compatible with iPhone.

Adobe Cool

Adobe Cool is a drawing app for iPads and iPhones running iOS 14 or later, Microsoft Surface Pro, and Windows desktops running Windows 11 22000 or later or Windows 10 1903 or later.

You can also use the Apple Pencil with Fresco on the iPad app, or other styluses on the Microsoft Surface Pro.And while you can download Fresco on a Windows desktop, you can't download it on an Apple computer.

Unfortunately, Fresco doesn't work with Android or other types of tablets.But you can use Adobe Fresco on Windows desktop with some Wacom drawing tablets like Wacom Intuis and Wacom MobileStudio Pro.


Both apps are affordable, but they each offer different options within their price.They may offer similar things, but their price ranges start at different amounts.


You can make a one-time purchase of Procreate's iPad app for $9.99.There are no premium upgrades and no subscription options.

Procreate Pocket is also a one-time purchase, priced at just $4.99.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial for the Procreate app.However, the app offers a lot at a very reasonable price.

Download: Procreate for iPadOS ($ 9.99)

Download: Procreate Pocket for iOS ($ 4.99)

Adobe Cool

You can download and use Adobe Fresco for free from the App Store or directly from Adobe.In addition to the free version of Fresco, there is also a premium version.

Adobe Fresco Premium costs $9.99 per month and offers 100GB of storage, a larger library of brushes, and more font options. Fresco Premium also gives you access to Photoshop for iPad with the same purchase.

If you have an All Apps Creative Cloud account, Adobe Design Mobile Bundle plan, or Adobe Photoshop single plan, Adobe Fresco premium is included.If you download Fresco for Windows, the Creative Cloud app is automatically downloaded as well, even if you only get the free version.

Download: Adobe Fresco for iOS or iPadOS (Free, $9.99/month subscription, 30-day free trial)

Download: Adobe Fresco for Windows (Free, $9.99/month subscription, 30-day free trial)

best use purpose

Both Procreate and Fresco offer a great option for creating digital art, including painting and animation.You can use brushes and adjustment tools in both.Which one is best for what you need to do in it?


Procreate exists as a painting tool; however, thanks to its countless brushes and 3D capabilities, there are plenty of options beyond painting.

You can sketch with a variety of sketching tools, and by building up layers and using heavier brushes and colors, you can easily go from an initial sketch to a beautiful digital painting.

Using the Animation Assist option, you can create animations in Procreate.You can also create time-lapse videos to play your painting from start to finish.

Procreate also offers 3D assets, and the ability to edit and adapt them with paint and textures.You can import 3D assets from other platforms, although you can't yet create in 3D with Procreate itself.

Adobe Cool

Adobe Fresco is not a replacement for Photoshop, Illustrator, or any particular Adobe program.Instead, it includes many aspects of everything in one easy-to-use app.Mainly, it's a drawing and painting application with Photoshop capabilities and knowledge of Adobe's creative history.We've written a beginner's guide to Fresco so you can see more of what it has to offer.

You can use motion paths and frame-by-frame techniques with Fresco to create animations from your drawings. Fresco allows you to experiment in your app and keep large animation files in the cloud so your local storage isn't overwhelmed.

Fresco's vector brushes allow for easy scaling and editing without compromising quality, but it also offers pixel-based brushes that allow textures such as watercolor and smudge tools.

save and restore

Cloud storage is popular, but not every application offers internal cloud storage.Find out which app is best for storage, or which can help mitigate the risk of losing your artwork.



When you get the Procreate app, there are no accounts that let you save your files or history. Procreate automatically saves anything you open or create in the app on its home page, which appears when you open the app.So reopening a file is easy.

Unfortunately, the storage level is only as large as your iPad's available storage.Also, if you delete the app, you'll lose any work in the library, as files are only saved when the app is downloaded. Procreate does not offer external cloud storage.

Adobe Cool


Fresco uses Adobe's Creative Cloud for cloud storage.When you download the free Adobe Fresco app, you are entitled to 3GB of cloud storage for your art.If you purchase Adobe Fresco Premium, your storage will expand to 100GB of cloud storage, provided by Creative Cloud.

It's hard to lose any of your work thanks to external cloud storage.This means you can delete apps or access your account from other devices and your work will still be available and securely stored in the cloud.You can easily find your Fresco files under the "Your Files" tab or via the cloud.


You can download and create brushes for use in Procreate and Fresco. Fresco brings all the creativity from Adobe, but Procreate has some great brush customization options.



Procreate's brush library has over 200 brushes.It's easy to adapt an existing brush if you just want to adjust a small aspect.

You can also easily create brushes in Procreate.However, if you don't want to create them yourself, there are plenty of brushes available externally, and it's easy to download and import Procreate brushes.

Procreate's standard brushes offer a myriad of textures and materials, from HD pencils for initial sketches to calligraphy brushes, and even textures like halftones or dots for decoration.

Adobe Cool


Adobe's creative power comes together in the best possible way, with multiple types of brushes available in Adobe Fresco.You can have raster-based brushes like in Photoshop and vector-based brushes like Illustrator.You don't have to decide between them because they are all available in Fresco.

Raster brushes can be easily layered and combined with other brushes, including their textures and colors, to make realistic painting strokes. Fresco also offers living brushes that react in the same way as textures in traditional art, such as mixing with water on a watercolor brush or applying color with oil paint.When painting in Fresco, you can even forget you're using a digital app.

Fresco has a huge library of brushes, even in the free version.If you subscribe to Premium Fresco, you can get more brushes.You can also import brushes from Creative Cloud assets, or download from the online brush library.

Adobe Fresco vs. Procreate: Which is the best?

Adobe Fresco and Procreate give you the tools to create great digital art on the go.Both have a similar interface and purpose; while Fresco offers more platform choices.

Procreate focuses more on compatibility with Apple.But if you don't like its pricing, Fresco is your best bet, as its free version still packs a punch.Of course, if you don't have an iPad, you'll need a Fresco.


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