How to transfer pictures from Google Photos to iCloud

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If you're an Apple user who relies on Google Photos, or an Android user looking to switch to an iPhone, you might want to consider transferring your photos toiCloud.Apple'siCloudThe service allows you to access all of your photos on any device -- including your Windows PC -- using your Apple ID.

So, are you ready to transfer your photos from Google Photos to iCloud?Let's see how this started:


Step 1: Using a PC or Mac fromGoogle PhotosDownload all photos

Before you start moving your photos, you may want to check and delete unwanted screenshots, wallpapers, and other images from Google Photos.Just open Google Photos in a web browser on your PC or Mac and delete those photos you don't need.

After that, proceed from your PC or Mac toGoogle PhotosExport photos.To move all your photos, you'll need to use Google's Takeout service to get a copy of the photos from Google Photos.Here's how to do it:

1. Open in a web browser Google Takeout.

2. Log in to your Google account.

3. Click the "Deselect" button near the top of the list to deselect other items.


4. Scroll down and select the Google Photos box.Click "Include All Albums" to pick only specific albums by year or month.

5. Scroll to the bottom and click Next to continue.

6. You can choose how Google makes these photos available to you.Select the drop-down menu under Delivery method to select an option.You can get a link via email or add those photos to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box.

7. When finished, select the Create Export button.Once the download is ready in Takeout, Google will email you the link.If the photos are large, Google will split the files into 2GB batches.


The wait time for this email depends on how many photos you have; it can take hours or days.You'll get a direct download link to your images in the email, which will let you download them to your computer or external storage device.

Remember, Takeout download links are only valid for seven days from the day you request the download.

Step 2: Upload Your Photos to iCloud

Uploading all these photos to iCloud Photos seems simple enough.But if you're going to use the iCloud website in your web browser to add all your photos from Google Photos to iCloud, it could make your browser slow or even crash.

This is bound to happen if you want to transfer a lot of photos.Therefore, it is a good idea to use a Windows PC or Mac to smoothly import these photos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos.

How to Transfer Pictures from Google Photos to iCloud on Windows

you need toiCloud for WindowsDesktop app, you can install the program from the Microsoft Store.Here's what you need to do:

1. Once you have installed the iCloud desktop app, log in with your Apple ID and authenticate your computer.

2. Press Windows key + E to open File Explorer.Click iCloud Photos in the navigation pane.If you turn it on for the first time, iCloud Photos will take a few minutes to download the thumbnails of the photos.


3. Press Windows key + E to open another File Explorer window and navigate to the uncompressed Google Photos folder.

4. From the Google Photos folder, select all the photos you want to import into iCloud.

5. Drag these selected photos into the iCloud Photos folder.

Now, depending on how many photos you have, it may take a few minutes for iCloud to upload all of your photos, so please be patient.

How to Transfer Pictures from Google Photos to iCloud on Mac

The transfer process is slightly easier on the Mac, as you rely on macOS' native Photos app.Follow these simple instructions:

1. Launch the Photos app and drag your photos from the Google Photos Downloads folder to iCloud.

2. With the Photos app open, go to Preferences > iCloud and make sure the iCloud Photos box is checked.


After that, you can access your photos using iCloud Photo Library.

Easily transfer photos from Google Photos to iCloud

Apple's iCloud service works seamlessly across all of its devices, which is why iPhone, iPad, and Mac users prefer this storage solution over others.However, you don't have to rely on one platform for all your storage needs.You can use different storage solutions for working purposes.

Google Photos also has some unique features and tricks.That's why it's wise to use both iCloud Photos and Google Photos to take advantage of its main features.If you run out of space on either of these storage solutions, you can always upgrade your plan.

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