How to Cancel Accidentally Sent Mail in Gmail

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Even on close inspection, it's easy to realize you've made a mistake immediately after sending an email.Maybe you forgot to add an attachment you referenced, made a stupid mistake, or missed someone in the cc box.While these mistakes can be embarrassing, it is possible thatgmailRecall sent messages to save yourself from annoyance.

We will show you how togmailUnsend emails in your account so you can backtrack before errors occurred.


How to Unsend a Mail in Gmail

Invoking mail in Gmail used to be an experimental feature, but now everyone can use it by default.

To recall an email, first send an email from Gmail in your browser as you normally would.Once you've sent the message, you'll see a small box in the corner saying that the message was sent.Click Revoke on this banner to stop sending the email and recall it before the other party receives it.


Undoing a sent message will reopen the draft, allowing you to make necessary edits or scrap it entirely.

You can also click the "X" to dismiss the box, or check the email to see what you've sent.But neither method can recall emails, so make sure you hit undo as soon as you realize the error.

The undo process is the same on Android and iPhone.Messages can be recalled by simply clicking the undo button that appears after sending.

How to Adjust Undo Send Times in Gmail

By default, Gmail only allows you to undo a send within a few seconds.If you want to change this time period, you can do so in Gmail's settings.

Open Gmail in your browser and click the settings gear icon in the upper right.Click View All Settings in the menu that appears.

Then, on the "General" tab, find the "Undo Send" item.There is a drop down box with four options. 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.For maximum safety, it is best to choose 30 seconds.This will delay all emails by half a minute, but when you need to recall one, the grace period is worth it.


Click "Save Changes" at the bottom to apply this adjustment.

Undo your email error

There are few places in life where you can undo mistakes, so you should take advantage of this opportunity in Gmail.The next time you realize your wording is wrong or needs to be adjusted, recall the message and rearrange it before sending it.

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