How to Block All Facebook Notifications

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Facebook has become so fascinating over time that users unknowingly spend hours on the app.A simple notification from someone you know can turn into an hour-long browsing and scrolling session.

This has caused many to exceed their expected screen time.Are you looking for a way to reduce your use of Facebook?If so, turning off notifications in a few simple steps can do you a lot of good.


The Benefits of Turning Off Facebook Notifications

Facebook is one of the top social media apps, but people often want to turn off its notifications.Some of the benefits of blocking all Facebook notifications are as follows...

reduce pressure

Work, family time and financial responsibilities can become so tiresome that people need some time away from it all.In this case, a simple news or information notification can ruin your mood.

That's why people should turn off notifications every few days to give themselves time to relax and pick up for the days ahead.Taking stress off screens can have many mental health and productivity benefits.

better focus

Let's face it - we run to get our phone the moment the phone screen lights up for a notification.If you're working hard or studying, this can really be a distraction.

By stopping Facebook notifications on your phone and desktop, it's possible to focus on the task at hand.

healthy lifestyle

Addiction to social media apps can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and lack of activity.Instead of spending time clicking through every notification you get on Facebook, we recommend getting out for some fresh air and avoiding your phone.

More confident

If you are prone to comparisons on social media, avoiding social media can boost your confidence.You have time to focus on yourself, boost your confidence levels, and encourage yourself to embrace rather than fall victim to comparison traps.

How to Block Facebook Notifications

Actually, you can easily block notifications from desktop and mobile devices.

Block mobile notifications from Facebook

First, let's talk about blocking Facebook notifications from your mobile device.With our phones always at hand, it's hard to avoid notifications coming.

Fortunately, with one simple step, you can turn off all your Facebook notifications.

1. Log in to your Facebook mobile app and open the home page.At the top of the screen on Android and the bottom of the screen on iPhone, you'll find menus and navigation controls.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines to open the list of available functions.

3. Scroll down until you see Settings and Privacy.Open the drop-down menu and select Settings.This menu contains all the relevant settings and customization changes you need for a well-managed Facebook experience.

4. Navigate to Preferences and you will find Notifications.

5. If you want to silence push notifications for a few hours, toggle the Silent Push Notifications tab.This tab gives you a time range from 15 minutes to 8 hours.Notifications will appear on the bar, but the user will not be alerted.

6. In "What notifications have you received", you will see different sections.They indicate the type of notifications you receive from the Facebook app.

7. Select the option you want to turn off notifications and open the drop-down menu.It contains the different notifications you receive from each section.

8. Tap the toggle switch to turn notifications on or off so you don't get notifications from that particular section.You can choose as many options as you want.

9. The settings are automatically applied.Now, when you're about to put away your phone, Facebook won't alert you with notifications that you've changed your settings.




Another way to turn off notifications completely is by changing your phone's settings.

1. Open Settings.

2. Select Apps and scroll down until you see Facebook.

3. Tap to open the general settings of your Facebook app.

4. Navigate to Notifications.This list contains settings for how notifications appear on your phone.

5. Toggle tabs to turn off Show notifications, which will revoke the app's permission to show alerts.You can change them by revisiting the settings or changing where you receive notifications from the Facebook app.




Block desktop notifications from Facebook

Whether you're using Windows or its free alternatives, it's possible to mute notifications just by logging into your Facebook browser.Once logged into your account, follow the steps below to turn off Facebook notifications on your desktop.

1. Log in to your Facebook account.You will be redirected to the home page.

2. Tap the small icon with your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen to open a drop-down menu.

3. Select Settings and Privacy.


4. From there, select Settings.It contains everything from changing your Facebook profile picture to account deactivation.

5. On the left side of your desktop screen there is a list of different settings.Scroll until you see the notification.


6. Notifications section contains different settings such as comments, tags, birthdays, friend requests, groups, events and other activities.

7. Click on the activity for which you want to change the settings.It opens different notification options that you can change.

8. Toggle the tab to turn off that particular setting.These changes are automatically applied to the device.Depending on your needs, you can block just one type of notification or all notifications.


9. Close the app and the notification will not appear on your taskbar.

You can use the same method to block notifications with the version of the Facebook browser on Chromebooks and phones.

Block Facebook notifications and focus on your tasks

Facebook notifications can distract you and reduce your focus and confidence.

Users can choose to block their Facebook notifications on desktop and mobile.We've discussed some ways to turn off Facebook notifications from the phone app and phone settings.

In addition to that, users can turn off the notification via the desktop login app so it doesn't appear on their taskbar.

We hope that blocking all Facebook notifications will improve your productivity, reduce stress, and help you embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

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