How to unlock your Samsung phone without opening the lock screen

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Most Samsung phones these days come with an in-screen fingerprint scanner as a means of unlocking.While cheaper phones have optical scanners, flagship phones have more advanced ultrasonic scanners.But what the two have in common is that both require you to open the lock screen first to be able to scan your finger.

However, unbeknownst to many, there is a slightly faster way to unlock your Samsung phone with your fingerprint without having to open the lock screen first.Let's see how you can do it on your Galaxy phone.


How to use the fingerprint scanner without opening the lock screen

You can set your phone to keep the fingerprint scanner running even when the screen is off.To do this, here's how:

1. Go to Settings > Biometrics & Security > Fingerprint.

2. Enter your lock screen password and switch to always-on fingerprint recognition.




Granted, it only takes a second to get to the lock screen and unlock the device from there.But by leaving the fingerprint scanner running all the time, even when the screen is off, you can go straight to the home screen, making your phone more friendly and intuitive.

If you need some visual feedback, you can switch to showing animations when unlocking.This will make it easier to get your fingers on the scanner properly if you're having trouble.With time and practice, you can unlock the phone when you take it out of your pocket, a faster option than face unlock.

If you use "Always On Display", you can also set the fingerprint icon to appear on the AOD screen by tapping "Show icon when screen is off" and selecting "Always On Display".

Unlock your Samsung phone faster

Not many Android brands offer as many features as Samsung.If you've been using your Galaxy device on its default settings, you can't get the most out of it.

Instead, try exploring its settings to find new and interesting features you may not have seen before.

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