The best Windows 11 antivirus apps

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With the development of the Internet and technology era, security issues have become an increasingly serious problem.The list of harmful malware keeps growing, and PC users need a trustworthy antivirus now more than ever.


Therefore, it can be difficult to discern the best security program from the vast array of options available.To that end, we've compiled a list of some of the best security software for Windows 11.

1. Kaspersky Internet Security


Kaspersky is a cybersecurity provider known for its reliable antivirus software.It offers a range of products with different levels of security, and in the middle is its more popular product, Kaspersky Internet Security.

Kaspersky Internet Security introduces more useful features on the basis of basic antivirus software.It monitors your system for viruses and works through a daily updated virus database.It also protects you while you surf the web by tracking your online activity.

Therefore, Kaspersky Internet Security keeps nasty online malware away from your system by stopping any unapproved background downloads.It also warns you when you're about to visit an unsafe website and keeps you out of danger as unobtrusively as possible.

Kaspersky Internet Security also has other useful features, such as secure currency interactions, which keep your banking information safe when shopping online.It also has privacy protection features that prevent access to your personal information and webcam.

This software comes with its own secure browser to save and protect your transaction details.So, once Kaspersky is installed, you might want to consider changing your default Windows 11 browser to it.

Download: Kaspersky Internet Security (Subscription required, free trial)

2. Total AV


Total Antivirus is an award-winning internet security program that provides real-time protection against viruses, malware and online threats.It comes with WebShield protection that enables you to visit your favorite websites without unknowingly installing viruses.

This feature monitors your internet activity and alerts you at the first sign of danger.It also warns you when visiting unsafe websites.All-In-One Antivirus also comes with a powerful ad blocker that enhances your browsing experience by eliminating pesky pop-up ads and unwanted banner ads.

It can also block ad videos and provide a useful overlay showing how many ads are blocked on a certain site.

Mighty Antivirus doesn't offer a free trial right now, but it does offer its product to new users in the first year at a promotional price.This allows new users to experience the antivirus for themselves before committing to paying the full premium.

It also comes with a robust virtual private network that masks your online presence and protects your personal information.

Download: Total AV (From $119 per year)

3. Avast Antivirus


Avast is a premium security service provider that offers some of the features of its antivirus software to users for free. Avast is easy to download and set up and offers good system and internet protection.

It comes with an advanced firewall that screens your applications and only provides internet access to those vetted applications.

While the free version of antivirus is helpful, you'll need to pay to get everything Avast has to offer you.Features like checking for unsafe websites and running suspicious apps in a sandbox are locked behind paywalls.

The premium version also includes a handy feature to keep your programs up to date, as well as a state-of-the-art virtual private network through which you can browse your favorite websites securely.

So Avast is a great way to start securing your system, and its free version can help you see if it's right for you without committing to a subscription.

Download: avast Antivirus (Free, subscription available)

4.Norton 360


Norton 360 is advertised as a family-friendly antivirus that helps manage all the security aspects of your tech life.It comes with a powerful antivirus that scans your system regularly for unwanted malware.

It also includes an anti-spyware feature that protects your private information while surfing the web.It also has a built-in firewall that prevents unaudited software from entering the internet.

Norton offers a 7-day free trial of antivirus and some other basic features.Subscription services are a bit more premium, but Norton occasionally offers decent discounts.

The premium version includes parental controls and school time features to help parents monitor what their children are searching for on the internet.It also helps control how long they spend online.

If you're interested, the free trial offers an opportunity to test out some of Norton 360's features and see if it's worth paying for.

Download: Norton 360 (Subscription required, free trial)

5. McAfee Total Protection


McAfee Total Protection is a tested and trusted antivirus and internet security platform.The software takes security to the next level by introducing a concept known as the "Protection Score".

The Protection Score serves as a measure for end users to determine how safe their online presence is really.

You can improve your protection score by using the security features of McAfee Total Protection.Additionally, basic features like scanning your WiFi for threats, scanning your system for vulnerabilities, and even installing web protection for your browser can increase your protection score.

This score gives you an easy way to see how secure your system is.Therefore, all users can enjoy this service for free during the one-month trial period.Premium plans are affordable and come with extra useful features to keep your computer as safe as possible.

Download: McAfee (Subscription required, free trial)

6. Panda Dome


Panda Dome is advertised as a WatchGuard software.It provides advanced security tools that can protect private and commercial systems.Panda offers its protection on multiple platforms.

This premium software comes with a password manager, a cleaning software that ensures your system is free of malware and unnecessary files.This malware is probably why your Windows shows a folder as empty, despite having files inside.

Panda Dome offers a free version of antivirus that runs with minimal functionality.The service also has various plans that allow you to subscribe on a monthly and annual basis.

Premium antivirus can scan plugged in external devices, monitor your online purchases to make sure your sensitive information stays safe, and offer parental controls.

Download: Panda Dome (Free, subscription available)

Keeping Your Information Safe in Today's Times

It's getting harder and harder to keep our lives private.Surfing the web shouldn't be an extreme sport and your system security is at risk.Intrusions are constantly evolving, but thankfully so is cybersecurity software.

So securing your systems can cost a fortune, but it's nothing compared to the damage your private information can do in the wrong hands.All in all, you can't go wrong with any of the cybersecurity software listed above.So feel free to take the time to decide which best meets your current security needs.

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