Emotional Shiatsu – Press to record your mood, a simple and powerful decompression software

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Emotional acupressureHow to use the app?

How do you feel today?Press the button to determine how you feel, and release the bubble when it reaches the right emotion. The expression of the bubble changes as you press for different times and at different emotional levels.You can record the current story or memory of your every emotional moment.You can also perform an unlimited number of mood presses to replace your previous mood.You can also use it as an auxiliary tool to help you relieve anxiety and manage daily mood swings, I hope you can release your bad moods and record your good moods through Shiatsu!

'Emotional acupressure》Software Highlights:

1. Allows you to view your daily emotions on it and adjust your mood.

2. You will see other users on the software, allowing you to communicate with other users.

3. It can bring you different challenges and let you feel more operation methods.

"Emotional Shiatsu" software content:

1. The software contains a variety of different operation methods, and different operation methods can bring you different pleasures.

2. You can record your mood diary on the software, so that you can write your troubles on it.

3. The software will remind you of your daily mood at any time, so that you can keep a good mood all the time.

The biggest feature is that you can choose the mood by pressing and shaking, but the logic of pressing is confusing. Whether you press hard to express anger and anger, or hard to express happiness, it still needs the author to tune it.

The current default is: very calm > a little worried > a little sad > super happy > very angry, this super happy is sandwiched between three words that are not very happy, and it is a bit difficult to turn around.

But still very interesting!

Final Thoughts

Emotional Shiatsu is a software that allows users to record anytime, anywhere, allowing users to record interesting stories or memories on it.It contains a variety of different auxiliary tools that allow users to release their bad emotions and get rid of the troubles in their lives.Users can record their mood of the day on the software according to their troubles of the day, so that they can check it anytime, anywhere.

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