Are Amazon's Echo Buds easy to use?

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When looking for wireless Bluetooth earbuds, there are a wide variety of brands to choose from.If you're on a budget and use Amazon Alexa at home, the Echo Buds are definitely a great option.


Let's take a look at the Echo Buds and how they work so you can know if they're right for you.

What are Echo Buds?


The Echo Buds are Amazon's own take on the popular and growing category of wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Like Apple's AirPods and Google's Pixel Buds, you can interact with a virtual assistant to handle some tasks.Since these are Amazon products, you'll be talking to Alexa.

The earbuds are placed in a case for charging.The case also provides extra battery life for the earbuds.In the base version, you can charge the case and earbuds with the included USB-C cable.

If you want to pay a little more, you can buy an earbud that also charges with any wireless Qi charger.Both versions of the Echo Buds are available in black or white.

Using Echo Buds

Before using the Echo Buds, you'll go through a brief setup process, connecting the earbuds to your smartphone and finding the perfect fit with the different sizes of earbuds and earrings that come with them.

There are two main ways to use earbuds in everyday listening: voice and touch control.Let's learn more about how each control method works.

voice control


As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to interact with the Echo Buds is to give commands to Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant.

In fact, anything you can do with Alexa at home with the popular line of Echo speakers, you can do with the Echo Buds.

So when you want to listen to music, just ask Alexa what you need.Voice commands can also be used for usual music controls, like changing volume or skipping tracks.When it's time to make a call, you can use Alexa to answer and make calls.

Touch control

For quick access, there are also some touch controls on the Echo Buds.Play or pause audio with a single tap on the earbuds.A double tap will skip to the next track or answer/end a call.Finally, three taps on either earbud will play the previous song.

A long press on the earbuds will toggle between active noise cancellation and pass-through mode.While it's not perfect, you'll have access if you want to interact with Apple's Siri or Google Assistant on your smartphone, and unfortunately, you won't be able to do it hands-free.




To do this, openiOSOrAndroidAlexa app.On the home screen, find your Echo Buds.Select the "Settings" icon.

On the next page, scroll down and find "Touch Controls".Choose to hold for a long time.From there, choose which earbud to customize that control.Then select Local Assistant.There's also an option to assign other commands to long-hold, like Alexa Tap to Talk and others.

Jump into the wireless world with Amazon's Echo Buds

Thanks to hands-free Alexa interaction and simple touch controls, the Echo Buds offer a great, easy-to-use way to enjoy your music or other stuff.And the low price is a huge added bonus for potential buyers.

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