12 Best Free and Fun Websites for Movie Lovers

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If you're a movie buff, you probably spend as much time consuming ancillary content as you do watching movies.Whether reading the latest rumors, watching interviews with actors, or chatting with fellow movie lovers, movies are a way of life.


To help support your love of movies, we've rounded up the best movie-related sites.All of these sites are completely free to use, so bookmark your favorite sites and enjoy them.

1. QuoDB


If a movie quote is on your tongue, QuoDB will help you find it.Whether you're searching for a word or an entire phrase, this database scans millions of movie lines for sources.

After you search, you can scroll through all the matching results and filter if needed.All quotes are time coded and you can see surrounding lines for context.

2. Screen Rant


Screen Rant provides news, commentary, interviews and more, updated around the clock.

Screen Rant is often skewed towards big blockbusters and brands like Star Wars, Marvel, and DC, so it's a site worth visiting if you're a fan of all major movies.

3. Letterboxd


There's no better way to record the movies you watch than with Letterboxd.As you follow, you can rate each movie, share your reactions with your friends, and compile and share lists.

Letterboxd is essentially a social network for movie lovers.It also has apps for Android and iOS, so you can easily track your viewing while on the go.

4. Nestflix


If you like fake movies in movies, Nestflix is ​​for you.It's a fun site designed to look like a streaming service, letting you scroll through fictional movies and shows that appear in real movies and shows.

While you can't actually watch them, each title has carefully crafted title artwork, a synopsis of the story and cast information, a still image, and a sentence.

5. IMDb


If you're a movie buff, you definitely know IMDb.It is an internet movie database including trailers, news, cast lists and reviews.It's been around since 1993, when it started out as a Usenet group.

There are many features of IMDb that you may have overlooked.Did you know that you can browse movie trivia, create watch lists, track awards, and see what's going on at your local theater?

6. The Internet Movie Script Database


It takes a long time and a lot of human and material resources to bring a film to life, but it all starts with the script.If you want to read movie scripts in your browser, The Internet Movie Script Database lets you do that.

Whether you're interested in screenwriting or want to see how a movie goes from page to screen, browsing through iconic movie scripts can be fascinating.

7. R


How do you know if a movie is worth your time, especially now that some movies have extraordinarily long running times?One way to do this is to judge by Rotten Tomatoes, known for its "tomato meter" (although Rotten Tomatoes has many other useful features).

Tomatometer gives a percentage that represents how many critics rated a movie positively.Sure, you might end up liking the last movie that critics hated (or vice versa), but it's a convenient way to see consensus.

8. JustWatch


JustWatchis a great service to find the next movie to watch.It collects all the streaming services in your area, then lets you filter by what's important to you (release year, genre, age rating, etc.) and the services you subscribe to.

Looking for a thriller on Netflix? Disney+ comedy? Cartoons on Amazon Prime Video?JustWatchCategory for you.You can also keep track of a movie to get alerted when it appears on your streaming service.

9. Pick A Movie For Me


With so many streaming services at your fingertips, with thousands of movies in between, it's often impossible to decide what to watch.You probably spend more time scrolling through Netflix than watching anything.

To get around this, take a look at Pick A Movie For Me.It is a movie recommendation engine.All you have to do is answer six questions (like your current mood and genre) and the tool will suggest a movie that includes a synopsis, trailer and streaming links.

10 TV Tropes


The movie is full of clichés—character archetypes, repetitive plots, and dialogue that seems to be everywhere. TV Tropes aims to compile all of this into its user-editable wiki.While it originally covered TV and movies, the site now includes other forms of media as well.

TV Tropes don't take themselves seriously.Take a look at any of its exception pages and you'll see that they're usually written in a humorous style.There are tons of examples to support each exception, underscoring how repetitive movies can be.Anyway, a warning to you. TV Tropes are very addictive.

11 MoviePosterDB


Movies are of course an art form, but so are posters.There's a reason many of us adorn our walls with posters of our favorite movies -- they're often iconic in their own right.

Thanks to MoviePosterDB, you can explore the official posters of hundreds of thousands of movies.This includes all variants and versions made for different regions.Also, you can expand the database to add any missing posters.

12 Movie clips trailers


If there's a surefire way to get yourself excited about a movie, it's to watch the trailer repeatedly.The best way to find trailers is on YouTube - the Movieclips Trailers channel has all the videos you need.

It also offers clips along with the trailer, all in high resolution.If you want the trailer to appear in your YouTube inbox, don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Know what you like about movies

These movie sites are great resources to learn about something different, and if you're a movie lover, you shouldn't miss them.


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