Got a OnePlus phone?Here are 7 apps you need to use

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OnePlus phones have always been known for the satisfying user experience that OxygenOS offers.In addition to this, several third-party apps specifically tailored for OnePlus devices have surfaced, further enhancing your phone experience.


Next, we'll introduce you to some of the best apps you should be using for your OnePlus device.From useful utilitarian apps to those that make your wallpaper come alive, we've got it covered.

1. OxygenUpdater


OxygenUpdaterQuite possibly the best companion app you can install on your OnePlus device.The app eliminates the painfully long time that most OTA updates typically roll out globally.

Once installed, the app automatically recognizes your phone model and lets you choose the stable or beta update route.The next time OnePlus releases any new update for your phone, the Oxygen Updater lets you download the update package so you can manually update OxygenOS on your phone.

In addition to showing the changelog and device information, the app also keeps you up to date on OnePlus-related news.

Download: OxygenUpdater (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. OnePlus Games


OnePlus phones are known for their gaming capabilities, and the OnePlus Gaming app is a great hub to keep track of all your digital adventures.The app displays a list of all the games you have installed and launches them with the click of a button.

OnePlus Games Also acts as a catalog of the most popular games on the Play Store.You can read user reviews, which are often more detailed than you'll find on the Play Store.

The app has a chic gallery of all your gameplay screenshots and screen recordings, perfectly organized in folders.You can also view stats such as the time you spend in each game to better manage your time.

Each game has a community tab where you can find related news and videos.Any game launched with the app will also enable Game Mode and boost performance and network connectivity, among other things, by blocking other apps and notifications.

Download: OnePlus Games (free)

3. OnePlus Community


For the big fans among us, we know how the community-driven OnePlus got in its early days.Despite the controversy surrounding its recent merger with Oppo, you'd be surprised how popular the OnePlus community remains.

Every OnePlus phone comes with community apps pre-installed, and you can log in with your OnePlus account.For those familiar with community forums, this app feels like home.

There are forums dedicated to individual OnePlus phones and are a great place to discuss updates or report bugs. OnePlus also occasionally hosts contests for its community members that you can enter.

You can follow other people, create your own posts, and even collect medals and experience points that you can display on your profile.Community apps are a great way to keep yourself updated, not just about your phone, but smartphones and technology in general.

Download: OnePlus Community (free)

4. Zen Mode


At times, we all have difficulty concentrating on the task at hand, and our smartphones can be distracting. OnePlus first showed off Zen Mode as a quick toggle in previous iterations of OxygenOS, and now it's its own app, full of extra themes and more options.

Zen Mode The concept behind it is very simple.You set a timer for a certain number of minutes or hours, and your phone literally weighs itself down until the timer resets.You can still receive and make emergency calls, but you won't receive any notifications.

The app has several themes with preset music that may improve your productivity if you choose not to mute. Zen Mode also lets you create a room where you can invite friends or family to join.

Download: Zen Mode (free)

5. Phone Clone


Previously known as the OnePlus Switch, this app fills a very basic need.If you're upgrading to a newer phone, it can make the transfer process very seamless.You just need to install the clone phone app on both phones and you can restore your apps and data with just one scan of the QR code.

Items you can back up include apps, photos, videos, music, and almost any type of file.The app does a great job of migrating data without crashing or corrupting issues on your new phone.Unfortunately, you can no longer use this app as a local backup tool.

Download: Phone Clone (free)


Sadly, since the gallery app on OnePlus devices is so sluggish, this app is more of a need than just a nice one.Google Gallery is a very simple photo app with a few tricks.

Over time, it can recognize patterns in photos and automatically categorize them as selfies, pets, or food.It also brings some editing tools to quickly touch up your photos.

Gallery by GoogleWorks even when offline and has a built-in dark mode.Plus, you can use Google Photos itself for more categories and features like Google Lens integration and cloud backup.

Download: Gallery by Google (free)

7. WellPaper


With the proliferation of apps to help you fight smartphone addiction, many developers are getting creative while doing the good for others.WellPaperis an intuitive digital wellbeing app that comes as a live wallpaper on the home screen.

The app was developed by OneLab, a creative team working inside OnePlus. WellPaper has half a dozen live wallpapers that inform you about your screen time and which apps you use the most.

For example, the botanical garden wallpaper has seven flowers of different colors, each representing a category such as entertainment, social media or education.Then, the size of each flower lets you know in which category you spend too much time in your day.

While the limited and overly simplified wallpapers may not be to everyone's liking, the app may help reduce your screen time by consciously reminding you every now and then.

Download: WellPaper (free)

Get the most out of your OnePlus device

Our handpicked apps all work with OnePlus devices and complement the experience of using them nicely.

As OxygenOS adds more and more features with each update, there are even more features you can discover and enjoy with your OnePlus phone.

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