How to Personalize Your Windows 8 in 11 Ways

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Personalization of the desktop is an important aspect of technological life.A personalized operating system can help you stand out and create a comfortable work and play environment.So, next we'll walk you through a bunch of ways you can customize the look of Windows 11 when it starts up.


1. Customize wallpaper

The home screen is the first thing you see when you unlock the system.A great way to personalize your Windows 11 is to set your home screen background to a pretty picture you like.It can be something as simple as a photo of a loved one, or it can be a beloved series.You can even set GIFs and short videos as your desktop background.

To do this, select "Start", click the "Settings" icon, and go to the "Personalization" tab.


On this tab, you should see a Personalize Background tab below it.Make sure the "Personalize Background" tab is set to "Pictures" and you should see a pre-installed high-resolution picture that you can choose from.If none of these meet your requirements, you can import the downloaded image by clicking Browse Photos.

2. Windows Themes

Windows 11 is an operating system that lets you personalize, not just your desktop background. The Windows theme feature allows you to synchronize customizations without changing each feature individually.You can save desktop wallpapers, lock screen wallpapers, applications, window colors, and more under the same theme.

To do this, open your Windows settings, select Personalization, and navigate to the Themes submenu.


You can choose from a collection of pre-created themes that are great for changing the overall feel of your Windows 11.You can also create a custom theme by manually changing each feature and saving by clicking the "Save" button.

3. Slideshow for desktop background

Using an image as your desktop background can get tiresome.Thankfully, Windows 11 has a feature that lets you turn your desktop background into a slideshow.This is a great way to spice up your desktop and make it look different at different times.

To do this, open your Windows settings and open the Personalization menu.Navigate to the "Background" submenu and select the "Slideshow" option.


Once you have selected this option, click the Browse button.This will open a file manager window from which you can select a folder containing your favorite pictures as a slideshow.You can set the duration between picture swaps and even the order in which pictures are shuffled to keep things interesting.Slideshows also work great in custom themes.

4. Custom fonts

Another way to enhance the look of your Windows 11 desktop is to change the text font.There are hundreds of unique fonts.You can download and install fonts on Windows 11 using these two methods.Font folders are usually compressed.

The content of the first methodfile is the content of the file, then double-click the font file.


Doing so will open a window showing a preview of the font.Click "Install" to add the font to your system.

The second way to install fonts on Windows 11 is to drag and drop font files into the boxes provided in the Fonts submenu under the Personalization menu.The font will be automatically installed on your computer.


You can change your system font by selecting the available fonts from the list provided.

5. Custom Apps

Another great way to personalize Windows 11 is to use some of the best Windows customization apps.lively-wallpaper is a good example of a custom application.This free app on the Windows Store allows you to set GIFs, custom images, and even web pages as your desktop background.


Lively has some stock wallpapers to choose from, but you can easily add your own to its vast library.

6. Add the app to the taskbar

The taskbar is a handy feature that gives you quick access to a short list of applications.Unlike its predecessor, Windows 11's taskbar is centered, but it's still fully customizable.You can add and remove your most-used apps from the taskbar, giving you quick and easy access to them whenever you want.

To pin an application to the taskbar, launch it from the Start menu, then right-click the icon on the taskbar.


A small drop-down menu will appear with an option pinned to the taskbar.Once you select it, the app's icon will stay on the taskbar even if you close it.

Plus, if you want to remove an unwanted app from the taskbar, the process is simple.Right-click the unwanted application on the taskbar.On the menu that pops up, select "Unpin from taskbar".After doing so, the app should immediately disappear from the taskbar.


You can also choose which preinstalled system apps appear on the taskbar by visiting the taskbar menu in settings.To do this, open your Windows settings and navigate to the Personalization tab.Next, click the taskbar submenu to open Settings.


7. Customize the Start Menu

The Start menu is a more detailed list of applications and files available on your computer.You can pin your favorite apps and folders to the Start menu so they always appear when you click the Start button.

Click the Start button and scroll to your favorite app.After this, right-click on the app and select Pin to Start.


The caveat is that you can only pin a limited number of apps to the Start menu, so choose wisely.

8. Customize your system sounds and change your mouse pointer

Another way to make your Windows 11 stand out is to change system sounds and use a custom mouse pointer.The triangle pointer is a classic, but Windows 11 allows you to get creative with the way you select your apps.

To access this feature, open the System Settings and Personalization tabs.Next, navigate to themes and you'll see options to modify the mouse pointer and system sounds.


When you click on the mouse cursor option, a window pops up allowing you to browse a list of predefined cursors from which you can choose.Of course, you can also go and create your cursor and import it, but that is more advanced.

You can change your system alerts for different tasks from the system sounds menu.For example, you can customize charging sounds, device connection sounds, and more.Additionally, your custom selections can be saved as a theme, giving you the freedom to switch between different sounds and cursors at the click of a button.

Simple tweaks to enhance your Windows 11 experience

It all comes down to personal preference. Windows 11 allows users to personalize every aspect of their operating system, so they can feel more comfortable using their computer.There are also many ways to customize your desktop, such as changing your lock screen and screen timeout settings.

As such, Windows 11 enables its users to stand out and create a unique experience they can call themselves.


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