Netflix vs. Disney+: Which one gives you the best movies and shows?

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NetflixDisney +are two of the most popular streaming services out there, and both platforms offer an impressive collection of movies and TV shows.


In order to clarifyNetflixversusDisney +It's a battle over who wins and we'll compare the two in terms of price, user interface, content, and special features to determine which service is the best value for your money.

Netflix Overview: What can you expect?


Netflixis the streaming giant that has been at the top of the pack for years, far ahead of its peers.It has a simple user interface focused on your entertainment preferences. Netflix recommends content based on your viewing history.

Netflix's homepage features categories like #1 Your Country, Trending Now, Watch Rear, and Hidden Gems.It also provides genre-based listings of shows and movies so you can quickly choose new ones to watch.You'll be pleased to know that there is a huge selection of genres and documentaries here.

The service also features a dedicated children's profile to ensure that children are not exposed to adult content.You can choose the maturity of the content when editing their profile, to choose what even the youngest child can watch, up to 7+ years old.If you hate specific shows, you can also make sure your kids aren't exposed to those titles by adding them to the blacklist.

The streaming platform also allows you to create your own list of TV shows and movies to watch later.Overall, there are plenty of TV shows and movies to choose from.

How much does Netflix cost per month?

First, you should know that Netflix no longer offers a free trial.Also in the "bad news" is that Netflix is ​​known for raising subscription prices.

Netflix offers three subscription packages to choose from:

Basic Package ($9.99/month, plus applicable taxes): This package includes Netflix viewing on one device at a time, the option to download content to one device, and unlimited TV shows and movies.

Standard ($15.49/month, plus applicable taxes): This package includes Netflix viewing on two devices at a time with the option to download content to both devices, unlimited viewing of all Netflix TV shows and movies, And can choose high-definition viewing.

Premium ($19.99/month, plus applicable taxes): This package includes the ability to watch Netflix on four devices simultaneously, the option to download content to four devices, unlimited viewing of all Netflix TV shows and Movies, as well as HD and Ultra HD viewing.

Netflix's user interface


When you launch the Netflix app, the platform instantly recommends a title it thinks you'll like based on your past viewing choices.

When you hover over a TV show or movie, it will play a preview of the content, giving you some idea of ​​what it's about so you can determine if it's something you're interested in.When you hover over a TV show or movie, you can play it, add it to your watch list, and tell Netflix you like or dislike it.In fact, you can even tell Netflix if you absolutely like a show by hitting the double-thumbs button, so the platform will prioritize it over titles you only like.

If you click on a show or movie, Netflix displays the preview, duration, plotline summary, genre, main cast list, and recommendations for movies or TV shows similar to the show you're previewing.The preview screen gives you all the information you need to decide if you want to watch a show.

On your computer, you can easily access the Accounts section by clicking or hovering over your profile in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting "Accounts".Here you'll find your payment information, plan details, settings, and parental controls.

The platform is so easy to use that even non-technical people can browse it without any problems.

what to watch on Netflix


Netflix has an impressive catalog size with nearly 6000 titles in the US.But this number varies from country to country, for example, Slovakia has more than 7,000 shows and movies.

It offers numerous TV shows and movie genres, including anime, comedy, crime drama, horror and thriller.

In the Netflix PC app, you can easily view any of these titles by clicking on a TV show or movie, then the drop-down menu and selecting the genre of your choice.You can even use secret codes to find specific content that interests you.

During the holidays, like Halloween and Christmas, Netflix has content to help you get into the vibe.Netflix, on the other hand, has been losing a lot of content as major content creators launch their own streaming services and push content to them.From CBS to NBC and the companies behind them, we've seen content removed from Netflix and sent to Paramount+ or Peacock.

While some content is still there, Netflix gets a handful of blockbusters or TV shows.Instead, the company has been investing heavily in original programming, movies and documentaries.Some of the content is really high quality and brings recognition to the company at the awards ceremony, but the biggest part is sub-par.

That is, every user in your house can create a profile on Netflix and watch whatever they like the most. Netflix will make recommendations based on what each person chooses to watch.If you have kids or love kids shows and movies, there's a pre-made archive called "Kids" that has all the kid-friendly shows Netflix has to offer.

Disney + What to offer?


Disney + is Disney's streaming platform.It offers access to content from various Disney-owned franchises, including Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar. Disney+ also has TV shows and movies like The Simpsons and more from its acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

Disney+ has categories like Top Movies, Trends, Originals, and Favorites.It also recommends shows to you based on your viewing history.Each profile can have its content rating adjusted, with the exception of children's profiles.

The platform has a wide selection of movies and TV shows, divided into different genres.Like its competitor Netflix, you can add TV shows and movies to watch lists for future viewing. Disney+ is a fearless rival to Netflix, but how strong is it?

How much does Disney+ cost?

Like Netflix, Disney+ doesn't offer a free trial, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.There are two subscription packages for Disney+ members to choose from:

1. Disney+ Monthly: Unlimited access to all Disney+ content for $7.99 per month, plus applicable taxes.

2. Disney+ Yearly: Unlimited access to all Disney+ content for $79.99 per year plus applicable taxes, saving you about $16 per year.

No matter how you want to pay for Disney+, you get the same perks, including the ability to watch content on up to four devices simultaneously.

Disney+ user interface


Compared to Netflix, Disney+ has a more static interface, i.e. when you hover over a TV show or movie, you won't see a preview.Instead, you can watch the full trailer once you've selected the title you'd like to see.

It does have options for extras, related shows, and details on separate categories, but instead of seeing the cast list and summaries on the homepage of the selected title, you'll see it from the Details tab.

Click the icon next to "Profile" and select "Account" to find the "Disney+" account settings page.Here, you'll find your account details such as username and password, billing history, and subscription details.

What to watch on Disney+?


Disney+ has an impressive catalog with over 12,000 movies and 16,000 episodes of various shows on its channel.Of course, there are also plenty of original shows and movies to watch.

You can browse the different genres by selecting the series or movie options at the top of the screen. Disney+ has several TV shows and movie genres, including action/adventure, animation, comedy and drama.If you want original Disney+ content, there's a special option on the top ribbon that makes it easy to access.

Like Netflix, Disney+ also has a holiday section that includes many of your favorite Disney holiday titles like A Muppet A Christmas Carol and Christmas Eve.

All in all, Disney+ has a lot of great movies you'll want to see, and some you'll want to watch again.

Disney+ vs. Netflix: Winners

After weighing everything, we think Disney+ offers the best value for money. Netflix is ​​getting more expensive, and it seems to be chasing quantity over quality when it comes to producing content.

Disney+, on the other hand, has a history of creating blockbusters that you can see on the platform.Plus, isney+ is much more affordable than Netflix, offering more perks at a lower price.


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