5 Apps That Let You Get Anonymous Feedback From Anybody Extremely Honest

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What people say to your face is not always what they really think.By providing an anonymous platform for people to talk to you, these apps can give you honest opinions and feedback that you wouldn't hear.


The internet has made anonymity easier than ever.For example, you can send anonymous emails in various ways to express your thoughts.However, receiving feedback anonymously is a bit tricky, because other people have to be willing to go through the cycle of creating an anonymous online identity.Well, with these apps, they don't have to.By making it easier for others to be anonymous, these apps guarantee more engagement when you want to hear feedback, without any impact on who speaks up.


NGLA spiritual successor to anonymous feedback apps like Sarahah and Sayat.The app primarily works with Instagram so your Instagram followers can chat with you or ask questions anonymously.

Here's how it works.First, you download and registerNGLapp, which asks for your Instagram ID.It doesn't ask for access to any Instagram data or your password, so it's relatively privacy-friendly.The app then generates a link for your account that you can share on Instagram Stories.Feel free to add questions if you want to find feedback or other tips for your readers.

Anyone who clicks the link on the story can message you, even if they don't have an NGL app.Their information will appear in your NGL inbox, completely anonymous.You can't reply to these messages privately, but you can share them with replies on your Instagram. NGL also offers "hints" (as an in-app purchase) to find out who might be texting you, but it only provides the sender's phone model and location.

Download: NGL for Android | iOS (free)

2. Feedback for Growth (Web): Self-Improvement Questions and Answers Made by Psychologists


Feedback for GrowthHope to help you on your journey of self-improvement by collecting anonymous feedback on quizzes conducted by psychologists.Once you sign up for the app with your email address, you'll get a personal quiz page.Here, you can use professionally designed quizzes, or you can add your own set of questions.

Currently, quizzes include personal feedback, feedback from team members, managers, feedback as a software developer, and feedback from meetings you organize.Each question has a statement about you that the recipient can agree or disagree with, or a dialog with questions for them to answer.Growth Feedback" encourages you to add your feedback link as a signature to your email so people can give feedback as many times as they want.

All responses are automatically logged on your personal dashboard.Here you can see how many people responded and count their answers.Then, based on whether the feedback has gotten worse or better, you get a "growth ratio" to see how you've improved.

3. Tellonym (Web, Android, iOS): Anonymous Review Network


If you want to work well in more social networks like NGL,Tellonymis a good choice.It's been around since 2016 and is also available through a web browser.

As with other such anonymous feedback apps, you can send messages (called "Tells") to other people on the app.Received feedback lands in your "inbox", and any replies will go through your public feedback.You can see any user's public feedback, and you can add users as friends inTellonymto create an anonymous network.

On your Tellonym profile page, there is a space to set your current status, where you can add a question or ask for feedback on a topic.You can also add different social media links so people can view your page and then provide anonymous feedback on Tellonym.

Download: Tellonym for Android | iOS (free)


TuskShort for "Thought You Should Know", it's one of the easiest ways to create an online space to receive anonymous feedback.No registration is required, and you can create a custom domain name for your feedback page, where you can add an optional comment or description if you want to direct recipients or ask questions.Then share the link with the feedbackr.

Anyone who opens the link can write a comment in the immediate feedback box.You can also read other feedback first instead of adding a comment.As the creator of the link, there are no special editorial rights, and all comments are completely anonymous.

EachTuskThe link is only valid for three days.After that, the domain name, description and all feedback posts will be deleted forever.This is for long-term privacy and security, and currently, there is no way to extend your link beyond three days.

5. Self-Awareness Test by Ahead (Web): Assess your social skills and see what others have to say


Your perception of yourself is often at odds with how others perceive you. Ahead, an app to boost your emotional intelligence, generates an online self-awareness test that anyone can use without installing the app.Through the test, you will find out what your friends, family members or colleagues think about your social skills.

The first step in testing is to test it yourself.There are 10 questions in total, which give you one scenario and two extreme responses.On a scale of 1-10, you have to indicate which response you are more likely to have.As you take the test, you'll get tips from research reports to push you to improve your self-awareness.

Once you take the test, you must provide your email address to generate a link that you can share with others.Then, anyone can add their reactions to your 10 questions.Once at least three people have added their responses, you'll be able to see how your answer compares to theirs.This is one of the coolest free online personality tests to get to know yourself better.

Beware of cyberbullying and foul language

These five apps provide an excellent way to get feedback that is brutally honest thanks to its anonymity.Unfortunately, however, the ability to be anonymous online often leads to foul language and cyberbullying.In fact, the problem with anonymity online is that people tend to drop their filters in civil society, so you may even face harassment, racism, and other bad elements.

You must be prepared for these when using anonymous feedback applications.However, you may be able to reduce this chance by being careful with who you share your link with.


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