10 Useful Features in Instagram DM

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Gone are the days when Instagram was just for sharing photos and ten-second videos.Today, it is a highly interactive application with many exciting features.

DM InstagramBetter than ever.Users can now not only send messages, but also connect in a more generic way.


Are you looking for a way to make your inbox more interesting? ?We've rounded up the most valuable features, available atDM Instagramso you can have fun with your friends and family.

1. Instagram polls

Sometimes in group chats, arguments can start because of differences of opinion.Whether you're making plans for your next vacation or discussing world politics, polls in your Instagram feed can help you see what each panelist has to say.

To create a DM poll on Instagram:

1. Open a group chat and tap the small sticker icon at the bottom right of the typing space.

2. Click to vote.

3. Add a poll question and your choice.

4. Select Create Poll.The question is automatically sent to the DM for members to vote on.



It's a straightforward way to decide things and discuss topics.However, voting is only available for group chats with three or more members.In personal conversations, you don't get this feature.

2. Mute message notifications

It's easy to ignore people on Instagram.People use mute to avoid unnecessary communication.However, there may be other reasons to silence your DM.

Muting someone's chat will not notify others.However, they can send messages, tag you and retweet posts - you won't be notified.However, if you want to cut off communication entirely, you need to block that particular person on Instagram.

Instagram also gives you the option to mute all text and phone notifications.


These settings apply to DMs in the home folder. There is also a hidden message folder on Instagram that contains requests from unknown people.Users will not receive notifications from these messages unless they accept them.

3. Information Response


Out of words, or no time to type? Instagram DM allows users to react to messages and posts shared in their inbox.You can choose from the six main emojis or hundreds of other emojis in the add-on section.

The plus option in the reaction bar allows you to choose other emojis.There is a custom option to change the arrangement of emoji and adjust it to your usage.

4. Send GIFs and stickers


Instagram has launched a feature where users can send GIFs and stickers to other people in DMs.

This makes chatting fun and enjoyable, encouraging people to spend more time on the app.So the next time someone sends a post or shares an Instagram Story, react with GIFs and stickers to keep the conversation going.

Tap the sticker icon in the bottom right corner of the chat screen.From there, you can choose to send stickers or GIFs.

5. Send Voice Notes on Instagram


Voice notes are a useful feature because they remove the ambiguity and confusion sometimes caused by text.If you want to convey your point and tone more clearly, we recommend you to use the Instagram Voice Notes feature.

Voice notes also save time and eliminate the need to call someone.Users can lock audio while recording to avoid losing audio.You can send up to one minute voice memos in Instagram DM.

6. Disappearing Mode

It is normal for people to feel insecure about their conversations and privacy.If you want to keep your Instagram conversations private, we recommend disappearing mode.Here's how to use it:

1. Swipe up on the chat history, hold until you enter a chat history with a black background that mentions that you are in disappearing mode.

2. Conversation as planned.

3. To end Disappearance mode, swipe up and release.



Chat also updates notifications when someone takes a screenshot or screen recording.Disappearing mode ends when a user leaves the chat.

7. Send a Selfie in DM

Instagram DM allows users to take and send photos and selfies in response.You can also use Boomerang, Collage, Multi-capture and more.

Users can control whether they want recipients to replay the selfie.You can take the desired selfie and remix the response.Pictures can be selected from the gallery or taken on the spot.



8. Reply to a specific message

Instead of mixing up the conversation, you can select a specific message in a conversation and reply to it directly.Currently, you can reply to texts, reels, and posts as text.

If you can't swipe up on something in a DM, it means you can't specifically reply to it, like a story shared in a DM.

9. Retweet the post


Creating great content on Instagram might not be easy, but retweeting is very easy.You can forward the post to your loved ones in DM.If your Instagram is connected to Facebook, you can also send these posts to your Messenger contacts.

Users can send these posts individually or in groups.Posts you and your friends send to each other can also be shared in your own stories.Just tap to open the main post, use the arrows to share, and choose to add the post to your story.

10. Restricted Accounts


Regardless of your account privacy, you can restrict information on Instagram.This feature mutes notifications about restricted accounts and places messages in other inboxes out of sight.A restricted account is not actually blocked, but restricted.

Restricted users can still view your profile content.To completely remove a person from your Instagram, consider blocking them instead.

If you feel something is wrong, you can unblock the account and it will go back to your main DM.

Make your Instagram DM fun

Instagram DMs are getting more and more popular for obvious reasons.This is why many people prefer to use Instagram DM as their main mode of conversation.There are plenty of interactive options and features to mute and limit conversations.

The whole concept keeps everything safe and private for the user.Still, it is highly recommended to only connect with people you know exist in real life.

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