3 Android apps to help you take notes while listening to podcasts

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Podcasting is an informative medium.Whether you listen to podcasts for educational purposes, professional development, or idea generation, you've probably heard something interesting that you might want to capture.

Taking notes while listening to a podcast can be complicated and tedious.In many cases, you lose context, forget the specific timecode in the podcast, or worse, record the number of episodes.Next, we'll explore some apps that help you take notes while listening to podcasts on Android.


What information should you record?

You typically want to record three pieces of information from a podcast:

1. A reference to the material, including the title of the podcast, the number of episodes, and, if possible, the program description.

2. Instructions linked to a specific timecode in the podcast.

3. An audio clip of more than 30 seconds, with relevant transcripts attached.

1. Inspod


Inspod is a neat app you can use to capture the key moments of your podcast.The app is powered by Listen Notes, a podcast search engine designed to help you find new podcasts.However, Inspod's goal is to take notes for podcasts; it's not a podcast client.

Press the "+" button in the lower right corner to search for and add new podcast episodes.Start listening to your podcast, and when you want to take a note, tap the star (✧) icon to create a new note card.Type your notes or arrange bullet points in a project list.Then, click the "Transcribe" button to transcribe the 30-second clip of your choice.

After you've listened, tap the outline icon to browse your time-stamped notes.They're traceable, and you can organize the moment with labels.The podcasts you hear have a unique permalink that you can open in your browser, or you can save the link and screenshots to the Notes app.

Download: Inspod (free)

2. Snipd


Snipdis a podcast client for discovering, listening and annotating moments of inspiration in podcasts.The app offers you two different ways to capture and record.Built-in artificial intelligence features include auto-generated transcripts, chapters, and the popular "snip and paste".

While listening to a podcast, click the "Create Clip" button to create a timecode bookmark.Each clip includes a title, a transcript of the bookmark, a box for adding comments, and an editor to fine-tune it.Press the edit button to configure the start and end points with the help of the transcript or timescale sliders.

You can export your clippings with a permalink, title, abstract and transcript.Tap Account > Export & Sync and choose your preferred note-taking app. Snipd has built-in integration with Obsidian, Notion, Logseq and plain Markdown.If you want to learn more, check out our guide on why and how to use Markdown for our beginners.

You can create clippings with Bluetooth earbuds without holding your phone and discover popular clippings from different podcasts.AI transcriptions can also be requested for podcasts, which are claimed to be between 90-95% accurate.

Download: Snipd (free)

3. Time


Timeis a podcast client designed to clip any moment into text.The app focuses on just two things: timecode bookmarks for podcasts and transcripts of related episodes.To get started, click the browse button and search for podcasts.

The home screen consists of a list of your subscribed podcasts, saved moments to discover, and popular podcasts.The player screen is divided into two parts: the player at the top and buttons to clip audio.These buttons correspond to a specific tab emoji (Bookmark, Thought, Funny and Listen carefully).Just tap and hold the button to save audio as text.

After finishing the show, these moments are saved in the "My Moments" section.The search bar at the top enables you to search for text and group the results by podcast or episode.You can connect your Notion or Readwise account to sync your audio notes, or you can export your podcast notes directly to OneNote.

Download: Time (free)

Find apps recommended by podcasters

With the apps in the list above, it's a lot easier to annotate, cite, or save notes for a podcast.Try them out and see which one fits your workflow.


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