10 Free Online Batch Image Tools to Adjust, Convert, and Optimize Images

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Whether you're designing a website, writing a blog post, or organizing your photos, sometimes you'll find yourself with a handful of photos to work on collectively, and working through them one by one can end up being a huge waste of time.

There are plenty of batch resizing tools out there, but many of them require installation, and most are limited to one specific OS.In many cases, it is faster and more convenient to use free online tools.


Below is a list of the best online tools for batch image processing, broken down into three ways: resize, optimize, and convert.Bookmark the tools you find useful and start using them now:

Image Adjustment Tool


Resizing images can be tricky, not only because of file size considerations, but also because resizing can affect the quality and clarity of the image or video.Some resizing tools are better than others, so let's take a look at some of the best tools below:

1. Bulk Resize Photos


Batch resize photos has the easiest interface.Just drag your image onto the site -- as much as you want -- and you can adjust it in six ways: Percentage, File Size, Longest Side, Dimensions, Width, Height, or Longest Side.

Everything is client-side, so it's really fast and doesn't require uploading.You can also use advanced settings to convert images to JPG, PNG or WEBP, while adjusting image quality, setting background colors, and even adding padding to prevent stretching.



BIRME, or Batch Image Resizing Made Easy, is another powerful image resizing tool.It's simple and flexible.Just drag your image onto the page and set a new width and height.Depending on the resize option you choose, it will scale or crop to fit your dimensions.

It can also add some border padding and change quality settings (for JPEG).Adjusted images are downloaded as a single file or as a ZIP file.

3. Online Image Resize


This is another easy-to-use online image resizer that allows you to resize BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG or PNG files.However, you can only use it to adjust the width of the image.

It allows you to upload files up to 20MB in size.The use of online image resizing is completely free, and any images you upload will be deleted from their servers after 30 minutes.

4. RedKetchup


RedKetchup is a simple yet powerful online image editor that also allows you to resize your photos quickly and easily.It also allows you to compress and convert multiple photos at once, among many other features.

Using its configuration batch settings, you can resize by percentage, exact dimensions, file size, width, height and longest side.You can also add backgrounds, swatches and filters, as well as sharpen and add color depth to your photos.

5. PicResize


PicResize allows you to batch resize up to 100 pictures at a time.You can also use it to transform, crop, rotate or compress images.It's a batch resizing tool that's still useful and gets the job done.

You can use it alone or in combination with the other image adjustment tools covered here.If you switch to the non-batch version of PicResize, you can also crop images and add special effects.

Image Optimizer

The image optimizer has one main focus: to reduce the file size of an image as little as possible while affecting the quality of that image as little as possible -- all without resizing or cropping the image.

6. TinyPNG


TinyPNG is arguably one of the best image optimization tools on the web.Despite the name, it can compress WEBP, PNG and JPG.You don't need to do anything at all other than uploading images (using a lovely drag-and-drop interface).

Once uploaded, TinyPNG is automatically compressed using a lossy method, maintaining the perfect balance between quality and file size reduction.Files can be downloaded individually, as a single ZIP file, or moved to your Dropbox account.

7. Optimizilla


Optimizilla is very similar to TinyPNG, you just drag and drop GIFs, PNGs and JPGs and it does most of the work for you.With it, however, you can control the final quality of the image on a per-image basis (between 1% and 100%).

The downside is that you can only process 20 images at a time.Files can be downloaded individually or as a ZIP file.

8. kraken.io


Kraken is another drag-and-drop tool that's a bit more limited than the above, but has one big advantage: you can choose to compress using a lossy or lossless method.You can download the resulting images individually, or as a single ZIP file.

Limits: Up to 1MB per image for a total of 50MB per month.You can get a premium subscription that increases the file size limit to 32MB, the monthly upload limit to gigabytes, and unlocks extra features like resizing and Dropbox sync.

Image Converter Tool

Different image formats have different advantages and disadvantages, and these tools come in handy when you want to convert a large number of images to one specific format.

9. Raw.Pics.io


Not only is Raw.Pics.io a handy tool, but it's also beautifully designed.It will make you want to use it, which is a rarity among online tools (which are often cobbled together in a hurry).

As a photography-centric tool, Raw.Pics.io mainly supports RAW source files in the following formats. DNG, CR2, NEF, ARW, ORF, PEF, RAF, PDF or JPG.Images can be exported as JPG, PNG or WEBP.Only JPG source images can be resized.

10 CloudConvert


CloudConvert is an incredible tool for any kind of file conversion.You can upload images from your cloud account (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box), your computer, or via a URL.It also supports more than a dozen image input and output formats.

For free, you get 25 minutes of conversion time per day.You also get five concurrent conversions with a maximum file size of 1GB, which is downgraded to low priority if there are a lot of people using CloudConvert at the same time.For even more freedom, you can upgrade to a premium subscription starting at $8 per month.

Easily batch adjust, optimize and convert your photos

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other online image editors that you can use to batch resize, optimize and convert your photos.When selecting, make sure your photo is uploaded on the client side.

On rare occasions, your photos are uploaded to a centralized server, confirming that they will be deleted after a few minutes.Some of these sites actually allow you to delete your uploaded files yourself at any time.

Note that if you use one of these tools as a photographer, and you aspire to be a professional or semi-professional photographer, we recommend learning to use something like Photoshop or Lightroom instead.


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