6 ways Samsung One UI is better than the original

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Since Samsung switched to 2018One UISince its custom Android skin, the tech giant has received significantly more accolades from its fans than the old TouchWiz skin.


At the same time, some people will choose the original Android instead ofOne UI, because it's the cleanest software you can get on Android.While that's true, we still think One UI is better than stock Android in many ways.Here are six reasons:

1. One UI has more features


While it's true that vanilla Android is clean and doesn't bother you with any unnecessarily bloated apps, it's easily overshadowed by the plethora of useful features on One UI.Whatever your needs, you'll almost always find settings in One UI that meet them.

Your screen is too bright to watch at night?Use "Extra Dimming" to turn it above minimum brightness.Need a faster way to multitask and quickly access your favorite apps and contacts?Set up and use the edge panel.

Hate having to change the same settings every day?Automate your phone with Bixby routines.Not satisfied with the sound quality of your phone?Turn on Dolby Atmos or set up a custom sound profile... those are just a few of its features.

2. One UI is easier to customize




Another category where One UI trumps stock Android is customization.Now, you might argue that if a native Android user wanted to, they could download a custom app from the Play Store -- and you'd be right; that's a perfectly valid argument.

However, there is a difference between having the freedom to do something and the support needed to actually do it.With One UI, you don't have to hunt around for good customization apps; you can customize your Galaxy phone directly from the settings.

3. One UI does more for privacy and security

Unless you're buying a cheaper Galaxy phone, like the M series, every Samsung device comes with the Knox security system pre-installed. Knox is Samsung's proprietary security platform consisting of hardware and software security features built into One UI and certified by multiple government agencies around the world.

Knox is responsible for protecting your private data, including your passwords, fingerprints, face unlock, and more.This data is stored and processed on your device, in a separate hardware unit isolated from the rest of your phone, so it cannot be sent to or communicated with any malicious third-party app or service.

In contrast, the original Android system is more vulnerable to hacking.The only exception is the Google Pixel phone, which has the Titan M security chip, but Google hasn't touted any credible certifications.

It's also worth noting that some of the newer Samsung phones like the Galaxy S22, Galaxy A53, Galaxy Z Fold 3, etc. will get a total of five years of security updates, which means your phone will be getting regular security patches for longer protection of.

4. One UI interface can work for everyone

There's one magic thing about One UI that hasn't been discussed enough: its adaptability.What we've talked about so far might lead you to believe that One UI is just made for the average buyer and has no place for people with different needs.But that's not the case at all.

An immediate benefit of being such a feature-rich skin is that One UI works for everyone at once.For older people, there is easy mode.For kids, there's Samsung Kids.For casual users, the default settings are pretty good.And for enthusiasts and power users, there are tons of software features to optimize your Galaxy device.

The ability of the original Android system in this regard is far from enough.

5. One UI interface is more unique




It's not just more features, better customization, and stronger security that make One UI one of the best Android skins, but its overall design language.This includes its icons, widgets, quick settings panel, system navigation styles, and more.

If you give your native Android phone to a stranger, they may not be able to tell right away whether your phone is from Motorola, Nokia or Google, because native Android is not exclusive to a particular brand.This means that any Android OEM can easily install native Android on their phones, making the launcher nothing special.

This is not the case with One UI, which is only found on Galaxy phones and tablets as it is a proprietary Samsung software skin.This exclusivity makes One UI more unique and recognizable than the original Android.

6. One UI integrates with the Galaxy ecosystem

In addition to great apps and services, one thing that is becoming more and more important in today's tech-savvy world is having an ecosystem.Granted, the Galaxy ecosystem isn't as good as the gold standard set by Apple, but it's as good as you can get on Android.

One UI is designed to work seamlessly with Samsung products such as the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book.So if you're looking for a connected experience, One UI is your best bet.

Granted, it comes with a lot of pre-installed Samsung apps, some of which are not that useful, but some of them are pretty underrated for improving the functionality of your device.By comparison, the original Android OS has no advantages.However, as Google's product portfolio continues to grow, the Pixel ecosystem could quickly become a formidable competitor.

One UI interface is smarter, safer and more user-friendly

Granted, the original Android uses less battery, takes up less internal storage, and doesn't take up your processing power.However, despite these advantages, it's still not suitable for most people because its limitations outweigh its benefits.

We may recommend vanilla Android on some occasions, depending on who's asking and their specific needs, but in most cases, you're better off with One UI.

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