How to Add Custom Borders to Captured Screenshots in Windows 10 and 11

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In Windows 10 and 11, you have various ways to take screenshots.However, unless you configure a framed outline, the snapshots you capture will typically not include a framed outline.Adding borders to your screenshots will give them a clearer outline on web pages and documents.


Here's how to set up Windows 11 built-inSnipping Tooland ShareX to make it apply custom borders in captured screenshots.

How to add borders to screenshots using Snipping Tool

Windows 11's Snipping Tool may be a relatively basic snipping tool, but it does include some useful additional settings.Among them is a Snip outline option which, when enabled, automatically applies a color border to captured snapshots.Here's how you can enable that Snipping Tool setting to capture bordered screenshots:

1. Press Win + S and type in the search text box Snipping Tool.

2. Then select Snipping Tool to use the application.

3. Click the View More button.


4. Open the Snip outline settings.


5. Click the Snip outline to expand the option.


6. Next, click the color box to open a color palette.


7. Select a border color in the color palette, and then select the OK option.

8. Drag the slider in the Thickness column to adjust the width of the border.

Now try to capture some screenshots with the clipping tool.Click the Back button at the top left of the Snipping Tool to exit its settings.Then press "New", select "Rectangle Capture", and drag the mouse cursor to capture a snapshot area.You'll see that the captured screenshot now includes the border you configured.


How to add borders to screenshots using ShareX

ShareX is a free screen capture tool that surpasses Windows 11's Snipping Tool in terms of features and options.There are two ways you can set the software to automatically apply a border image effect to captured snapshots.Here's how to add a basic border outline to a snapshot captured with ShareX:

1. OpenShareX website, and click Download there.

2. Right-click the button on the taskbar to open the Start menu and select File Explorer.

3. Open the folder where ShareX's download settings file is located.From there, double-click the ShareX installation file.

4. Install the software by going through and selecting the desired option in the Setup - ShareX window.

5. Then start the ShareX software.

6. Click Task Settings in the ShareX window.


7. Select the Effects tab.

8. Press the Image Effects Configure button.

9. Click the "+New" option.

10. Enter a screenshot border in the Preset Name box.

11. Press the Add button for the effect.

12. Select the Draw > Boundary option.


13. Then click the color box and the... button.


14. Select a border color in the color picker window and click the OK option.

15. To apply a border style, click the DashStyle drop-down menu and select an option.

16. You can extend the width of the border by entering a higher number in the size box.

17. Press the "Close" option.

All screenshots you take with ShareX now will include the border outlines you configured with the Image Effects settings.To take a screenshot, click Capture > Area in ShareX.Then drag a rectangle with the mouse cursor over an area to include in the snapshot.You can view your captured image output by selecting "History" in ShareX.


Another way to add borders to screenshots taken with ShareX is to download an image effect template.To do this, in ShareX click Task Settings > Effects > Image Effects Configuration.Press the Image Effects button to open the ShareX Image Effects page in your default browser.

The ShareX Image Effects page includes a variety of preset border templates that you can add to your captured snapshots.There you can choose some trendy multi-color border effect styles for your screenshots.Click the border template on this page to download it.


Then go into the folder containing the downloaded SXIE border file in File Explorer.From there, double-clicking the downloaded SXIE border file will add it to your ShareX image effects presets.In the ShareX Image Effects window select Apply New Border Template and click OK.


Use custom border outlines to make your captured screenshots shine

Configuring Snipping Tool and ShareX is easy and automatically adds custom borders to the screenshots you capture.If you just need to add basic outlines, the Snipping Tool may be enough.ShareX, however, is a better tool for applying more advanced border effects to captured snapshots.

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