How to make a quick resume on your phone

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When applying for a job, your resume plays a big role in determining whether you get hired.It's one of those job search tools you need to stay in good shape.

However, not every time you have enough time to prepare a shiny resume for a job opening.You may be on the move, you may be in a subway station or on a bus.

In this case, how can you quickly create a resume that will grab the attention of hiring managers using your phone?


Can I use my phone to make a resume?

While it may seem a little unprofessional to apply for high-paying jobs using your smartphone, there's nothing wrong with doing so if you're pressed for time.

If you use the right method, it's impossible for a recruiter to know whether your resume was made on a phone or a computer.Even if they find out, as long as your resume is good enough, no recruiter will be inclined to punish you.

With the trend of remote work, there is a good chance that recruiters are also using mobile devices to review your resume.That means, it's a good idea to make sure your resume looks good on mobile devices.

3 Easy Ways to Create a Professional Resume on Your Phone

So while you're scrolling through social media in a taxi, a job opening that's almost past its deadline pops up.How can you apply for it from your smartphone?

1. Use a Mobile-Friendly Resume Builder Website

You need your resume to look your best in design and use the best possible wording.Unfortunately, if you're short on time, there may be no creative writing.Using a mobile-friendly resume website is one of the fastest ways to create a comprehensive resume with minimal investment. One of the fastest sites to build a professional resume, and it's free.All you need to do is create an account, choose a resume template, edit your professional data, and there you go.You can still use the site without wasting time on registration.Once you've finished editing your data, your resume will be sent to your email address immediately.

Resumegenius: Another popular option to build your resume in minutes.You'll find plenty of beautiful resume templates and an AI-powered resume builder that suggests relevant bullet points based on the kind of job you're applying for.However, you may have to pay a monthly fee of $2.95 to download your resume.

Zety: Another powerful web-based resume maker.You don't need to write anything from scratch except your personal information.You'll find a number of pre-written bullet points to reflect the personal information you provide.You can build a well-worded, well-designed resume in minutes.While you can preview your completed resume, you have to pay to download it.

Wozber: A free professional resume maker with a small selection of beautiful templates.Its free model cuts down on the extra time you typically spend making payments before downloading your resume.Its simple user interface guides you directly in building your resume, with no marketing gimmicks and no wasted time.

EnhanCV: Another free option that offers extensive customization.While there are hundreds of pre-written templates for different job positions, every part of each template can be customized.You can create and download a great resume in 15 minutes.

VisualCV,KickersumeNovoresumeAlso some of the best resume building sites that can help you get your resume up in no time.

2. Use the app to create a resume

You can find a mobile app for almost everything you can do online, and resume maker apps are no exception.Whenever there is an urgent need, there are plenty of solid mobile apps you can use to create your resume on the move.

1. Can go


Canva is the choice of millions and one of the most reliable resume building software you can use for free.It offers a lot of highly customizable templates and is fairly easy to use.

​​​​​​Download: Canva Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

2.CV Engineer


CV Engineer is another good option that offers impressive flexibility and is relatively easy to use.Once you download the app, you can create a professional resume in minutes.

Download: CV Engineer Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. Download your Indeed profile as a resume

If you've already set up an Indeed profile of your personal and professional data, the fastest way to get a resume is to download a copy of your profile.If you choose this route, you can get a professional resume in 1 minute.


The downloaded bio will be properly formatted as a resume, usually including all relevant professional information you include in your bio.To access your Indeed resume on mobile:

1. Log in to your Indeed account.

2. Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner.

3. Scroll down and find Profile, then tap it.

4. On the next page, click Indeed Resume and edit any information you want to change.

5. Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the browser screen (next to the button labeled Private), then click Download My Indeed Resume.

Your smartphone can do it

Whether or not your PC is unavailable, or you don't have a computer at all, you can still create a resume that attracts recruiters from your phone.As long as you use the right tools and provide the required data, the quality of the completed resume will not suffer.

So the next time you're rushing to make a resume for a job offer, you don't have to rush home to get your computer.The smartphone in your pocket can do the job effectively.

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