How to Disable Windows 10 and 11 Startup Sounds

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When you turn on your computer, it starts up with a cheerful startup sound.While the default sound itself isn't bad, if you're working in a quiet place, like a library, you definitely don't want to disturb others.

So, let's learn how to permanently disable Windows startup sounds to start your PC without all background startup sounds.


How to Disable Startup Sounds on Windows 10

Turning off the Windows 10 startup sound is a fairly straightforward process.In fact, it's even simpler than changing the default sound.All you have to do is right-click on Sound Settings in the lower right corner of the Windows system tray and select Sound.

The Sound Settings dialog will be launched.There, uncheck the "Play Windows startup sound" checkbox and hit OK.


It's pretty simple, your Windows 10 startup sound will be disabled until you enable it again.

How to Disable Startup Sounds on Windows 11

The arrival of Windows 11 brings a ton of new features, but the general settings remain largely the same.But for disabling Windows 11's startup sound, we're going to try a different approach.Instead of trying the system tray, we'll use the settings menu.

To get started, go to the Start menu search bar, type "Settings", and select the best match.Now, from the settings menu, head to the Personalization section.


Then select "Themes" > "Sounds".Now, as we did above, in the sound dialog, deselect "Play Windows startup sound".Finally, click "Apply" to finalize your changes on your computer.The next time Windows starts, you won't hear the startup sound.

Disable startup sound on Windows PC

That's how to disable the startup sound setting on your Windows PC.Although in the case of Windows 10, the sound setting is not enabled by default, it is always good to know how to do it if the need arises in the future.The process is similar for Windows 11 as well, you may really need to disable the sound yourself.

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