How to insert an image into a cell in Google Sheets

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Your spreadsheets don't have to be boring.An easy way to brighten up a document is to add a little visual interest, and what better way to do it than to use two images.


Whether you want to add a logo to the top of a page, make a social media content calendar, or just play with icons, here's how to insert an image into a Google Sheets cell.

How to add images to cells in google sheets


Adding an image to a cell is surprisingly easy, here's how:

1. Select the cell you want to use.

2. Then go to your toolbar and select Insert.

3. Next, select the image and then the option to insert the image in the cell.

4. Select the image you want to insert and click Open.

The image you selected will now be inside the cell you selected.

How to resize images in cells in google sheets

There is no need to worry about resizing the image before inserting it into the cell.An image inserted into a cell will automatically resize as the cell is resized.

You can expand the width of the cell to increase the size of the image inside.Likewise, to make the image inside the cell smaller, you need to reduce the width of the row and column.

How to insert an image on a cell in google sheets


If you want the image to be at the top of the cell within Google Sheets, follow the process above, but instead of selecting the Insert image in cell option, select the Insert image on cell option.Images inserted on cells can be moved and resized normally, but will prevent you from editing the cell data below them.

Move image from inside cell to above cell in google sheet


If you want to take the image out of the cell and let it sit on top of your cell, that's what to do.

1. Right-click the image in the cell.

2. Find and select an image.

3. Then choose to place the image on the cell.

The image will now be above the cell in your google sheet.

Get more information from Google Sheets

Google Sheets can be overwhelming, but the more you learn, the easier they become.

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