The best free Windows 10 repair tools to fix any problem

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Windows 10 is actively used in about 10 billion devices, basically taking the lion's share of the operating system market.And it's constantly improving.


It's not without bugs, though. Windows 10 still has a lot of issues, and the frequency of updates and fixes is a perfect illustration of that.However, there are some free tools you can try to fix most Windows 10 problems.Let's take a look:

First, make sure your computer is updated

Before you start installing these best programs to fix Windows 10 problems, make sure you've done something vital: update your Windows to the latest version.Although the update can bring unexpected problems.But that's not always the case.More often, a Windows update can wipe out a slew of annoying bugs.

Press Win + I to open the Settings panel and go to Update & Security > Windows Update.If there is an update pending, save your work, bookmark your browser tabs, and click Restart now.

Next, start introducing you to the best programs to fix almost any problem in Windows 10:

1. IOBit Driver Booster


Windows 10 tries to handle driver updates, but it's not perfect.Sometimes it leaves some necessary driver updates behind.So when a hardware problem strikes, it's always worth checking if you need to update your drivers.

One of the best ways to check your Windows driver status is to use a free driver update tool,IOBit Driver Boosteris one of the best Windows 10 driver update tools and claims to fix and update over 100 million drivers.

1. Download and install Driver Booster, making sure to deselect any additional software offered to you.

2. Open Driver Booster and you will find three tabs. Outdated, UpToDate, and Action Center.The first two are self-explanatory and contain a list of your system drivers and their states.The Action Center tab contains download links for other IOBit tools.

3. Select the Expiration tab.You can choose to update immediately using the big red button, or scroll down the list to update individual drivers according to your needs.You can also choose to ignore specific drivers, restore them to their previous state, or uninstall them entirely.Driver Accelerator automatically downloads and applies drivers to your system, but you may need to restart your system to complete the installation process.

Driver Booster creates a system restore point before updating drivers, and also includes the option to automatically shut down or restart after the driver installation process is complete -- handy for getting the tool running before bed.

Alternative: Snappy Driver Installer


Snappy Driver Installer (SDI) is a free and open source driver updater with a large collection of drivers for offline use.Microsoft keeps Windows 10 updated, but sometimes your drivers get left behind -- outdated drivers tend to cause weird problems.

Go to the Snappy Driver Installer download page.Download and extract the SDI Lite version, then run the SDI application.Select "Download Index Only" to have SDI quickly scan your PC to see which drivers need to be updated or installed.

After SDI scans your system, it provides a list of potential new drivers.Look down, select the driver you want to install (or click Select All in the options menu on the left), make sure Create a new restore point is selected, and then select Install.The download and update process can take a while depending on how many drivers need to be updated.

Once the download and installation process is complete, restart your system.

Download: IOBit Driver Booster (Free and paid versions available)

Download: Snappy Driver Installer (free)

2. FixWin 10


Not only is FixWin 10 one of the best Windows 10 repair tools, it's portable!You can fix a wide variety of operating system issues with FixWin 10.

The program is divided into six neat sections, each of which represents a problem with a specific component (file explorer, system tools, etc.).Each section contains at least 10 fixes (see the full list here).Some fixes may require a reboot, but you'll be told that when you hit the fix button.

The fixes vary, from common irritants like the recycle bin icon not updating automatically after being emptied, to more advanced fixes like restoring access to the Registry Editor.

The Additional Repairs section contains novel but useful tweaks such as the deletion warning dialog to restore Sticky Notes, while the Troubleshooting section will direct you to the relevant Windows 10 troubleshooting tools on your system.An integrated troubleshooter is sometimes the easiest option, at least until you delve into your system.

Download: Fix Win 10 (free)

3. Ultimate Windows Tweaker


Ultimate Windows Tweaker is the same developer as FixWin10 (The Windows Club).This is obvious because both programs have the same easy-to-use interface.

Unlike FixWin10, which fixes Windows 10 problems and lets you fix them, the program enables you to quickly enable, disable, hide or remove specific features of Windows.

You can make each of the changes listed in this procedure using the Windows 10 Settings app, Registry Editor, or Group Policy Editor.However, Ultimate Windows Tweaker puts all the options in neat chapters, listing related issues that you can then quickly fix.

Before you start, click the "Create Restore Point" button at the bottom left, tick the changes you want to make, and click "Apply" at the bottom.The add-on section lets you bring back Windows 7's Windows Photo Viewer with one click.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker has over 200 Windows 10 tweaks that are available at the click of a button.Modifying your operating system has never been easier.

Download: Ultimate Windows Tweaker (free)

4. windows-repair


windows-repair(All in One) is another free and useful Windows 10 repair tool that you can use to fix numerous Windows 10 issues. The developers of Windows Repair strongly recommend that you should start your computer in Safe Mode for maximum effect. The Windows Repair Tool has its own Reboot to Safe Mode button for a quick reboot.

Fixes include registry permissions, file permissions, Windows Firewall settings, Winsock and DNS cache fixes, Windows Update issues, and more. The Windows Repair Tool guides you through a repair process that automates the Windows Check Disk (chkdsk) and System File Checker (sfc) utilities.

If these tools don't solve your problem, and you know what you're doing and understand the risks, you can go to the Repair tab.Here you have six options.Open the Repair button to open the Repair panel with many available repair methods.Other options are preset to fix specific issues like malware cleanup, broken file permissions and Windows updates.

Download: windows-repair (free)

5. Windows Repair Toolbox


Windows 10 is a great operating system, and despite its many irritants, most users seem to enjoy using it.While we don't necessarily disagree with the often-repeated advice to use professional tools, we have reason to believe in the ease of use that all-in-one tools provide.

With Windows Repair Toolbox, you get a complete package containing almost all the important repair tools your PC needs.When you open the app, you'll see many other tools on the home screen, arranged in different sections like Hardware, Repair, Uninstaller, and more.

So when you have a PC riddled with Universal Windows 10 bugs, you'll have a ton of useful apps to choose from, available in the repair section.To use any of these apps, just click on one and it will be downloaded and ready to use.

The tool also has other handy features.For example, the Malware Removal tab offers a wide range of malware scanning and removal solutions. RKill, Kaspersky, Microsoft, and even Ccleaner - they're all here.There's also an "unattended" option that lets you scan without downloading any specific tools.

All in all, this app is your first choice for a free Windows 10 repair tool.

Download: Windows Repair Toolbox (free)

6. O&O ShutUp10


Windows 10 has privacy issues, and Microsoft knows it.Windows 2015's privacy controls have improved slightly since its release in 10, but core issues like tracking, telemetry, and data collection remain.

While some users see this as a necessary evil for the evolution of the operating system to continue collecting user data, you don't have to give up your data.O&O ShutUp10 is one of the tools that curb Microsoft's and Windows 10's tendency to collect data.

The program has nine sections offering various privacy settings, many of which are not directly available in the operating system. ShutUp10 makes turning off invisible options as easy as flipping numerous switches.

Best of all, each option has a short description, so you know what you're turning off and what functionality it might affect.Unfortunately, turning everything off has some downsides, so take your time and check every option.

O&O ShutUp10 also has a handy "Apply Recommended Settings Only" option, and a further "Recommended and Partially Recommended Settings" option.

Download: O&O ShutUp10 (free)

How to fix problems with Windows 10?

These are some of the best programs to fix (almost) any problem in your Windows 10.Hopefully, though, you can find the one that is most relevant to your current needs.Of course, there are tons of free and paid programs out there for different Windows problems; whether it's corruption, data loss, or something similar.

However, in some cases, no matter how many tools you try, your Windows just doesn't work as well as it used to.For situations like this, we always recommend more efficient solutions like Windows recovery or factory reset.

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