How to install Windows 1 on your M11 Mac

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Windows 11 has been out for a while.It also generated a lot of discussion; some good, some bad.

In fact, it also caught the attention of many non-Windows users.For example, a large number of Mac users also want to give Windows 11 a chance.If you fall into this camp, you've come to the right place.In the following, we'll go over the exact method to install Windows 1 on your M11 Mac.So, let's get started.

How to Install Windows 1 on an M11 Mac

The biggest hurdle for Mac users is the stringent requirements of running Windows 11.One of them is the TPM module.Thankfully, there are several ways to bypass these requirements, install on your M1 Mac, and then run Windows 11.

The first method, using the UTM app, it's free.All you have to do is install the UTP app, get the Windows 11 ISO file, and run the app on the UTM virtual machine.Here's how you can get started with it:

1. How to install Windows 1 on M11 Mac using UTM app

UTM is an open source virtualization software that lets you run any other operating system on your Mac.To get started, head to the official website and download the UTM app from there.

When your download is complete, startMicrosoft's download pageGrab Windows 11 ISO files.

Install the UTM application and boot the Windows 11 ISO file in it.Now you just need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

On the main menu, select the "+" sign to create a new virtual machine.Now select the Virtualization option and choose Windows to create an environment for your Windows 11.



Click Browse, select the Windows 11 ISO image you just downloaded, and click Next.

Now allocate memory and CPU cores to run Windows 11; for smooth operation, we recommend that you choose at least 2 cores and 4GB of memory.After you've set everything up, click Save.


Now, you've done all the heavy lifting.From here, hit the play button to power up your device.Through the Windows 11 setup, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Windows 11 installation.


You can now run Windows 1 on your M11 Mac for free.

2. UseParallels

Parallelsis a proprietary desktop virtualization software.In fact, when Windows 11 first came out, it was the only tool that could run Windows 1 on your M11 Mac.

The only caveat though is that you have to pay for its subscription.To get started, go toParallels official website, and download the app from there.

Install the app, launch it, and you'll see the app install assistant.From there, click Install Windows or other operating system from DVD or image file, and select the Windows ISO file you downloaded earlier to run on the virtual machine.



Select the specific use case you will use the app most for and click Continue.Follow the on-screen instructions and your installation will be complete in a few minutes.Doing so, you can easily run Windows 1 on your M11 Mac.

Install Windows 1 on M11 Mac

When the Windows 11 operating system first came out, there weren't many ways to run it on a Mac, let alone an M1 Mac with a silicon chip.However, over time there have been some creative tweaks that will now allow you to run the OS without any hassle.We hope one of these methods has been helpful to you, allowing you to seamlessly run Windows 1 on your M11 Mac.

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