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MyerSplash Photos is a stunning application available on the Microsoft website that can also be used as a wallpaper and lock screen.This personalization app has a very minimalist design with a beautiful user interface, smooth animations and high resolution photos. JuniperPhoton developed the app, and it's now free for 8 days in the Microsoft Store (originally $0.99).You can use this app on more than a dozen Windows 10 devices by logging into your Microsoft account.However, some basic requirements are required as a download MyerSplash Photos Windows 10 wallpaperand lock screen prerequisites.

download MyerSplash 照片

Here is the download MyerSplash Photos Windows 10 wallpaperand the way to lock the screen:


Choose the system that suits you.

  • If a pop-up window appears asking you to sign in with a Microsoft account, provide the correct credentials and clickNext Step.
  • In the next prompt, select the device you want to get the app on, then tap on the bottominstall nowButton.
  • This will bring up the Microsoft Store with all the specs and info on MyerSplash Photos.clickinstallationto start the download process.

  • After the program is complete, clickstart upbutton to open the downloaded application in a separate window.
  • Here, you'll take a look at the photo grid available in the app, which includes an unobtrusive hamburger menu that lets you choose photo categories.
  • Click on the desired one, then click the download icon on the subsequent page.

  • When done, click the expanded from the notification areaset as wallpaperoption, or select the relevant icon from the app itself and choose where you want to see the wallpaper.

System Requirements

The following requirements are required to install MyerSplash Photos Windows 10 Wallpaper and Lock Screen -

  • First, the operating system must be running Xbox One, Windows 10 17134.0 or later.
  • Compatible architectures should be ARM, x86 and x64.


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