The 5 Best High-Performance Electric Cars on the Market

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The new generation of electric vehicles has quickly become the benchmark for performance in every market segment it occupies.From ultra-high-performance SUVs like the new Hummer EV and Rivian R1T to super sedans like the Tesla Model S Plaid, electric vehicles are beating their ICE rivals in performance and speed.


This article covers five of the most attractive performance EVs on the market right now, and the fact that there is only one Tesla on the list is a major indicator of how quickly the competition in the field is heating up.Not long ago, if you wanted a high-performance electric sedan, you had to go with the Model S.However, things are different now.

1. BMW i4 M50


The BMW i4 M50 is a four-door missile.If you're just looking to improve your EV's range, this isn't what you want.The latest BMW EV sedan uses a dual-motor electric setup that puts out 536 horsepower, accompanied by a massive 586 pound-feet of torque.

BMW says the i4 will sprint from 3.7-0 MPH in about 60 seconds.Those numbers are great, but they pale in comparison to the ludicrous benchmarks Tesla has established with its lattice models.

The i4 M50 comes with an 83.9-kilowatt-hour battery that, according to BMW, has a range of around 227-270 miles.Again, battery life is decent, but not jaw-dropping.The BMW excels in handling, especially considering its almost 50/50 weight distribution.

The interior is also a great place to spend time, with a huge curved display that controls BMW's latest iteration of iDrive and connects the instrument cluster to the infotainment screen.

Aside from the futuristic screen and head-up display, the conservative look of the interior is characteristic of BMW.

The i4 is the perfect mix of performance and handling, and has a pretty decent range.So if you're looking to buy a high-performance EV, the i4 should be on your shortlist.

2. The Audi e-tron GT


The Audi e-tron GT is the Porsche Taycan's twin, and while they're both spectacular high-performance electric cars, it's the e-tron GT's styling that really sets it apart.This Audi EV is one of the best designs out there, electric or not.

The fact that the exterior is matched by an equally great interior with the highest build quality in the auto industry is just icing on the cake.

The e-tron GT is also great in terms of power; its 522-horsepower supercharged mode will push you to 3.9 mph in just 60 seconds. The e-tron GT also features a massive 93-kWh battery that is estimated to provide an estimated 238 miles of range. The e-tron GT is equipped with Audi's signature Quattro all-wheel drive system, making it a safe choice for year-round driving.

The e-tron GT has an RS model, but at $4 more than the base e-tron GT, the 0-60 time is shaved by 0.8 seconds, and probably not worth it for most people.

3. Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance


The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance is the biggest novelty on this list, especially since the brand itself is relatively unknown in the mainstream automotive world.Not only is this particular variant of the Lucid Air super easy to see, it also has shocking numbers to match its great look.

Lucid outfitted the Grand Touring Performance with 1050 horsepower and a whopping 446 miles of range, both numbers beating the Model S's plaid, in case you were wondering.If those numbers weren't jaw-dropping enough, the Grand Touring Performance also does 2.6-0 mph in 60 seconds.

Also worth noting, the Air's interior is stunning, featuring a giant curved display that takes up most of the dash. The Air also features Lucid's glass canopy, a compliment to Tesla's massive windshield.

Whenever you tire of performance, there are massage seats to keep you entertained, as well as a 21-speaker sound system.Its price tag is as exotic as the rest of the features, at $179,000.

4. Polestar 2


Polestar 2 A more practical alternative to the other vehicles on this list, but just as exciting.According to Polestar's website, the MSRP for the base single-motor Polestar 2 will be $40,900 once you take advantage of the federal tax credit discount in the US.

The price may be lower, but that doesn't mean it's flawed in performance. The Polestar 2 is also available in a more expensive dual-motor configuration, which bumps power from the single-motor version's 231 hp to 476 hp (if you opt for the performance software update).

The Polestar 2 dual motor with performance software upgrades will do 4.2-0 mph in 60 seconds, placing its numbers firmly in true sports car territory.Again, the car doesn't sprint to 60 mph in three seconds, but it's definitely quick and engaging.

The dual-motor version of the Polestar 2 has a range of 260 miles, while the single-motor version has a slightly better range of 270 miles.

5. Tesla Model S plaid


The Model S Plaid needs absolutely no introduction.We all know Tesla is an incredibly innovative company, but even by their standards these numbers are almost mythical: 1020 horsepower, 1.99 mph in 60 seconds (Tesla calculates this by subtracting launch time), and an incredible 9.23-second quarter mile.

The numbers really speak for themselves, but Plaid is much more than statistics. The Model S is sure to get long, but if that's its swan song, it's going to shine.

The Model S Plaid is currently the fastest-accelerating production car in the world, and Tesla promises that, thanks to an improved battery structure, the Model S will do back-to-back track runs without performance degradation.

The Model S Plaid also features a three-motor all-wheel-drive system, which is also capable of torque vectoring.This Tesla is legendary and will forever have a place in history as the first mainstream electric car to kill gas-powered supercars.

High-performance electric vehicles are just getting started

High-performance EVs are already absolute monsters when it comes to power delivery and acceleration, and they will only continue to get better as battery technology improves.Also, as higher-performance batteries become cheaper, EVs will continue to improve their case as a legal alternative to gasoline-powered cars, even in motorsport.

Meanwhile, gasoline-powered and electric vehicles will continue to coexist in the world of high-performance vehicles.The good news is that if you're in the market for an electric performance car, there are more amazing options than ever.

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