My Possible Self: Can this mobile app improve your mental health?

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Mental health is a serious topic these days.Simply put, it's a state of well-being that affects how you think, feel, and act, and we must learn how to care for our mental health.

Of course, because we live in a digital world, there are a variety of mental health apps available.Some can help you deal with PTSD and depression, while others simply let you track your emotions. My Possible Self is a mobile app with many useful features, but can it improve your mental health?Let's take a look at what the app has to offer.


My Possible Self What is it?


Available on Android, iOS and any web browser, My Possible Self is a completely ad-free mobile app.The app contains only clinically certified content from UK mental health care provider Priory Healthcare.Besides being clinically certified, another reason the app is so effective is that it is also approved by the NHS.For those unaware, the NHS is England's national health service.

My Possible Self is an app that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help people with stress, anxiety, sleep, depression and making healthy lifestyle choices.So if you're ready to learn more about the app's capabilities and whether it's a tool to improve your mental health, let's keep reading.

Download: My Possible Self for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

emotions and behavior



One of My Possible Self's most popular features is mood tracking.It allows you to record how you are feeling on a specific day at a specific time, be it good, good, good, bad or bad.Once you've assessed your mood, you can choose to dig deeper.You can add more details such as your location, what you're doing, and who you're with.

These specific descriptions make your insights page more beneficial over time.If you only use the app for a day or two, you won't get a lot of insights.But the more you use it, the more patterns you'll see between emotions and behavior.

For example, My Possible Self connects when you frequently flag your mood as bad at work or school.Or if you keep tagging social as you enter your emotions.This little feature is great for pinpointing what's causing mood changes in your life.

Boot series


My Possible Self encourages you to take a lifestyle quiz to find out what parts of your life you should pay attention to -- and which coaching series is best for you.After asking a few questions about your diet, sleep habits, anxiety, work-life balance, friends, activity level, and alcohol intake, the app generates a lifestyle score with some suggestions.

In the app, there are nine instructional series, each covering a different topic.For example, the instruction series on managing stress includes an assessment and some ways to reduce stress, such as yoga and affirmations.If you choose the guided series on sleeping well, it also starts with an assessment and is accompanied by helpful videos on introducing good habits and sleep tools.

The Guided Series sections of My Possible Self are especially useful because they consist mostly of short videos, assessments, and quizzes.This is especially good for those who lose interest quickly.



The toolkit consists of everything you need to keep track of your progress.This is a section of the app where you can easily find your mood tracker, meditation audio, food and drink logs, exercises, recipes, and more.What's in your toolkit depends entirely on what you want to work towards, whether it's anxiety, depression, sleep, stress, or your lifestyle.

If you're someone who wants to focus primarily on eating habits, then click on your diet log.There's an option to add your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and whether those meals are healthy or not.Also, you can add drinks and snacks to your log.

For those suffering from depression, click Pleasant Activities in the toolkit to add activities you enjoy doing.Once you've added the activity, set how difficult you think it might be for you, and when you want to complete it.Setting goals for yourself can help you track your achievements and encourage you to take responsibility for your actions.



Libraries on My Possible Self are similar to toolkits in that you can categorize content by anxiety, depression, stress, sleep, physical health, and lifestyle.Plus, it shows what's new on the app, and basically everything it has to offer, from podcasts and mindfulness exercises to motivational and articles.

For busy people who simply don't have time to sit down and read an article, try listening to a podcast instead.This makes mental health work handy while you go about your day's work.Podcasts cover a variety of topics like bullying, bipolar disorder, self-love, and more.

There is also a tab for exercises on this app.Conveniently, all exercises are categorized by exercise type and fitness skill level.Browse and choose what you want to try, from cardio, yoga, and online ballet workouts to mindfulness exercises and breathing work.

Should you download My Possible Self?

The My Possible Self app is completely free.It's surprising that you don't have to pay for a subscription in terms of the plethora of awesome features the app offers.

The instructional series is great and includes helpful strategies and practices.These materials are well thought out and will help you regain control of your mental health as well as your physical health.

If you're battling gambling and alcohol addiction, which can negatively impact your mental health, My Possible Self also covers such topics.There is a lot of interesting content to choose from here, and new content is uploaded regularly.

All in all, unlike other useless mental health apps, My Possible Self is a well-made, easy-to-use, straight-forward mental health app.Plus, those little animations are cute too.

A mental health app to lend you a helping hand

Are you worried about your mental health?It’s a difficult topic to talk about, and the feelings that come with it are hard to deal with!But, with the right help, you can rebalance your life.But, with the right help, you can rebalance your life. My Possible Self is one such mobile app that provides you with all the essential mental health tools you need.


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