How Google is building the Pixel ecosystem to rival Apple

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Competition in the tech industry is always a good thing for consumers.The more companies in the market competing for your money, the more things your money can buy.In other words, you can enjoy cheaper prices, better products and faster service.

We know that Samsung and Apple are the current market leaders, but it seems that Google is slowly becoming a trusted competitor.Thanks to the ever-growing Pixel portfolio, the Pixel ecosystem is becoming more capable than ever against Apple.Let's take a look.


Why Apple's Ecosystem Works So Well

Over the years, we've seen many Android OEMs launch their "iPhone killer" phones, but none have come close to making it happen.why?Because Apple has something that Android makers don't: unity.


Since iOS, iPadOS and macOS are proprietary operating systems, and Apple designs its own chips, the company has complete control over the software and hardware of its products.

Because of this, Apple is able to maximize continuity across all of its devices, making the end-user experience as seamless as possible.In other words, Apple devices are more likely to talk to each other and share workloads more efficiently.

Android can't replicate this effect because it's an open-source operating system, which makes it too diverse.It has to meet the needs of many smartphone brands simultaneously, which kills any potential for specialization.So it had to resort to a one-size-fits-all solution, which wasn't as effective.

How Pixel devices will help Google compete with Apple

Despite Android's shortcomings, Google is better positioned than any other Android maker to compete with Apple's flawless ecosystem.The reasons are as follows:

1. Google's investment in hardware continues to increase


Pixel phones have grown a lot every year since the first Pixel launched in 2016, and it's never a good strategy for building rapport with customers.While the Pixel line is popular among enthusiasts for its amazing software and camera performance, its poor hardware was a key reason for its failure.

Many Pixel phones aren't recommended to the average person, but the Pixel 6 brings a major overhaul from the inside out.The new camera hardware, Google's own processor, and the boxy design all help cement the identity of the Pixel line, especially the camera bar that Google intends to keep going forward.

As Sundar Pichai mentioned at Google I/O 2022, the Pixel 6 is the fastest-selling Pixel phone to date, outselling the Pixel 4 and 5 combined.As Google consolidates its supply chain and makes Pixel phones more popular, sales figures are expected to rise further, eating into the market share of Apple and other industry leaders.

2. Integration of Tensor chip and Android


With the launch of the Pixel 6 series, Google debuted an in-house processor called Tensor.Other OEMs have to figure out how to make their custom chips work well with new Android releases and their own custom Android skins.But Google can use its control over Android to give the Pixel OS an edge over even the best Android skins by updating the OS to work especially well with Tensor.

3. Google's improved pricing strategy

Prices for Pixel phones have historically been insanely high.For example, the Pixel 4 costs $799, and the XL version goes up to $899, both with 64GB of storage.The only exception is the Pixel a series, which is loved by many for offering more value.

But for the Pixel 6, Google is asking for a more modest $599 for the base model, a still expensive but bearable $899 for the pro model, and an impressive $6 for the less-expensive Pixel 449a.

The point is, Google's pricing strategy is getting better and better.If it maintains the same momentum with other upcoming Pixel products like the Pixel Tablet, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro, then more people may be tempted to try them -- bringing something to the growing Pixel ecosystem vitality.

4. Google's software prowess


Google's apps and services are at the heart of Android, which means the search engine giant has more resources than other Android brands and knows better how to integrate its devices into a unified platform.

The reason Samsung's ecosystem can't go that far is that it's primarily a hardware company (though it's clearly improved in other areas) and doesn't know as much about software as Google.This can be seen in its partnership with Microsoft.

In contrast, Google handles software much better.Of course, that's not to say it's invulnerable.We've seen repeated software issues and bugs with Pixel users' phones, but it's still a pretty easy problem to fix in the long run.

5. The new features of the Google app are finally coming to iOS

Google apps are often overlooked on iOS, but they get regular updates on Android, which helps improve speed, stability, and usability.This means that the Google app on your iPhone is a shoddy at best, and doesn't represent the true capabilities of Google's services.

Pixel devices exaggerate this difference because they are fully optimized to take full advantage of Google services.That means, for example, while Google Assistant works best on a Pixel phone, it only works well on an iPhone or iPad.

The Pixel ecosystem will take time to mature

Google has had a rocky start in its journey as a smartphone OEM, but considering everything we've known so far, it looks like the tech giant is finally getting serious about creating its own full-fledged ecosystem.From now on, the Pixel phone lineup will likely see more consistency, which will help make things more connected and seamless.

We do admit, however, that it's a bit rushed to release so many new products at once, so problems can arise.We know that the Pixel ecosystem will not be as exclusive and restrictive as the Apple ecosystem; in fact, quite the opposite.

Given the impact the Pixel 6 is capable of, and how Google is slowly fixing all the issues that came before it, we're optimistic about the future of its hardware product, but even if Google does everything right, it certainly won't be an overnight success.

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