The Xbox TV app lets you play games on your TV without a console

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For a long time, video gaming as a hobby had a high barrier to entry and required expensive gaming hardware.Cloud gaming solutions, such as Google's Stadia, offer a low-cost alternative, but the experience is less than ideal.

Launched by Microsoft in June 2022Xbox TVapp that aims to make gaming more accessible by bringing more than 100 cloud-enabled games to smart TV users.Let's take a look at this new TV app that promises consoleless gaming.


what is Xbox TV application, what does it do?

In an Xbox Wire article, Microsoft announced its intention to push the Xbox gaming ecosystem beyond traditional mediums, such as consoles and gaming PCs.

By the end of June 2022, the Xbox TV app will be coming to 6 versions of Samsung smart TVs, with plans to expand the partnership to other TV makers in the future.Unlike traditional smart TV gaming apps, Microsoft's offering promises console-quality games without the need to buy a console.


The app integrates with the Xbox cloud gaming service, providing existing members of Xbox Game Pass with access to 100 "high-quality" games.Users can also play Xbox Game Studios titles on the day they are released through the integrated cloud gaming service. The Xbox TV app has been specifically designed to work with the latency mitigation and motion enhancement features in Samsung's 2022 Tizen TV OS.

In addition to the 2022 Samsung Smart TVs, you'll also need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and at least one Bluetooth-enabled controller for console-less cloud gaming.Additionally, the Xbox cloud gaming service is limited to 27 countries and access is also limited.However, the list continues to grow as the service expands to Argentina and New Zealand in early June 2022.

Cloud gaming on the Xbox TV app: what do you need?

The Xbox TV app seems to be aimed at the casual gaming crowd who aren't too keen to spend big on a gaming PC or console.

Not surprisingly, using the app is no different than any other streaming app on Samsung's smart TV platform.Just access the Xbox TV app from Samsung Game Center on any 2022 Smart TV.After that, the app requires a one-time login to an existing Microsoft account.


However, playing AAA games without console or PC hardware requires a paid subscription to the highest Ultimate tier of the Xbox Game Pass service.Throw in a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller, such as the Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, Elite Series 2 Controller, or even Sony's DualSense Controller, and you'll be able to play over 100 games on cloud gaming services, while No additional downloads required.

Streaming versions of games playable on Samsung TVs are no different from their console and PC counterparts.Users can access the same multiplayer aspects of Xbox and all of the community features within it.

Xbox TV App: Console Games for Casual Gamers

The Xbox TV app fits nicely into Microsoft's broader strategy, from pushing gaming hardware to consumers to selling games as a service.Not surprisingly, Microsoft has increasingly distanced itself from the notion of platform exclusivity. The Xbox TV app is another example of platform agnosticism underpinning the company's approach to delivering video games to customers.

All that said, owners of 2022's Samsung Smart TVs won't necessarily be locked into the Xbox TV app for their cloud gaming.Launched with the 2022 smart TV lineup, Samsung Game Center also integrates support for rival cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Utomik.This casts a wider net between these four cloud gaming rivals in terms of supported regions.

Microsoft must strike a similar deal with all TV makers

While Microsoft is working on a separate USB dongle to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to just about any device with a monitor and a USB port, the Xbox TV app is the best way to introduce casual gamers to decent console-quality gaming .

For a crowd unwilling to spend a fortune on video games, a cloud gaming app already built into the TV is the perfect gateway to serious gaming.However, this approach won't really work out until Microsoft forges similar ties with other TV makers.


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