Are Android tablets about to make a comeback?

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Android tablets have had a rocky past, and despite repeated attempts by Google and other manufacturers to make them great, it's still firmly overwhelmed by the iPad.However, there are some signs of renewed interest in Android tablets, led by Google.

Does this suggest that Android tablets are about to make a comeback?


Google's renewed focus on the Android tablet market

Google has renewed interest in tablets, which it hopes will appeal to consumers who want more screen real estate and practical multitasking power, unlike what regular smartphones can achieve.Since 2021, Google has shown great interest in building amazing tablets from a software perspective.

But it didn't stop there.Here are three key points that demonstrate Google's newfound interest in tablets.

1. Android 12L

In October 2021, Google launched Android 10L, the first step in Google's renewed interest.In Android 12L, Google has added tweaks to make the software more friendly to large-screen Android devices, from tablets to ChromeOS to foldables.

In other words, Android 12L is aimed at any Android device with a screen over 600dpi.However, Android 12L still has the best features of Android 12.

2. Android 13's tablet-centric features


On the basis of Android 12L, Android 13 will also focus on improving the tablet experience.Google is planning various ways to make Android better on tablets.Some of these new features include support for drag and drop, split-screen functionality, and a persistent taskbar.

There's no question that poor software experiences have prevented even the best Android tablets from entering the mainstream, preventing them from competing fairly with Apple's iPad, or even being seen as a capable competitor.

3. Google is working on a Pixel tablet

After rekindling its interest in tablets with Android 12L and Android 13, Google didn't stop at the software level.The company is also working on a Pixel tablet, which is expected to hit store shelves in 2023.

One of the biggest highlights of Google's 2022 I/O keynote, the Pixel tablet marks Google's return to the tablet market, which, despite a slump in shipments in the final quarter of the year, is expected to hit the market in 2021, according to research firm IDC. The market still recorded solid growth.

The Pixel tablet will be the company's first product after abandoning the tablet market.It plans to launch more models in the future.

Foldables make tablets fun


In fact, the tablet story is also entangled with foldable devices.Foldable devices like Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold series and Oppo's Find N simply fold into a small tablet.

A foldable phone gives you more freedom than a regular tablet, allowing you to use the device on a full screen, which is useful when watching the latest episode of your favorite sitcom on Netflix or taking notes while watching a tutorial on YouTube Very useful.

And when you want to use your device in a phone-like form, you can fold it up.Take the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for example.It has two displays, a 7.6-inch main panel and a smaller but respectable 6.2-inch panel.Folding phones give tablets a fresh and sophisticated look that standard form factors can't achieve, making them more attractive.

Moreover, the increased focus on folding phones in the future makes it even more important that the Android operating system and the applications running on it are properly optimized for large-screen devices.

Android tablets still have a long way to go

Despite Google's renewed interest in tablet software and hardware, and Samsung pushing foldables into the mainstream, Android tablets still have a long way to go. The iPad is way ahead, improving with every new software and hardware update.

While incremental changes to the iPad may seem trivial at the time of announcement, they add to the brilliance of the mid- to long-term experience. The iPad's recipe for success makes the device appealing to educators, students, and even mainstream consumers.But as long as software and hardware continue to improve, Android tablets have a chance to redeem themselves.


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