How to remove background noise from video on Android?

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Background noise can ruin a good video because it makes it nearly impossible to hear what the speaker is saying in the video.

Fortunately, there are many apps that can help remove background noise from videos on Android.But most of them are paid apps.

Next, we'll show you how to remove background noise from videos for free.


Android app needed to remove background noise from video

There are many apps that can be used to remove background noise from videos on Android.In this guide, we will useVideo to MP3 Converter,Lexis Audio EditorKineMaster.Be sure to download them before you start.

Download: Video to MP3 Converter (Free, in-app purchases available)

Download: Lexis Audio Editor (Free, in-app purchases available)

Download: KineMaster (Free, in-app purchases available)

How to Remove Background Noise from Videos on Android

Follow these steps to remove background noise from videos on Android:

1. Download and install the three apps mentioned above.

2. UseVideo to MP3 ConverterConvert video to audio.To do this, open the app and tap Video to Audio.Select the video you want to convert.On the screen that opens, select MP3 as the format you want to convert the video to.Choose a bitrate and click Convert:


3. Once the video is converted, useLexis Audio EditorRemove background noise from audio files.To do this, launch the application and click the "Open" button on the top toolbar.Select the converted audio (new MP3 file) and click Open.

4. Tap the three dots in the upper right to open "Effects", scroll down and select "Noise Reduction".Adjust the settings to your liking, then click Apply.We recommend turning the threshold higher.


5. Go back to "Effects", click "Compressor", and adjust the settings until you are satisfied with the result.


6. To increase or decrease the volume of your audio file, go to "Effects" and click "Equalizer".Use the slider next to the preamp to adjust the volume, then click "Apply" to save the changes.Click the Save button on the top toolbar to save your completed audio file.


7. Add new audio files to your videos with KineMaster, one of the best video editors for Android.To do this, start KineMaster and click Create New.Choose an aspect ratio, then click Next to open the Media Browser.Then, select the video you want to remove background noise from.


8. Click on the video's timeline to open a menu on the right.


9. Tap the speaker icon to activate the mixer settings on the right and slide the volume to zero.Click the checkmark at the top right to save these changes.

10. To add clean audio to the video, tap Audio in the menu wheel.


11. Once the Audio Browser opens, go to Music and scroll down to Songs.Select the fine-tuned audio file and click the plus sign (+) to add it to your video.Tap the multiplication sign (X) at the top right to go back to the main screen.


12. Click the share button in the upper right corner, choose the resolution and frame rate you like, and then click Save as video.


Your video should now be free of background noise

Whether you're using video to promote a product, band, or business, background noise can be a real problem.However, by following this step-by-step guide, you should be able to remove background noise from videos for free with the help of three apps.

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