How to Set Up Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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三星Galaxy Watch 4Launched in August 2021, running an overhauled version of Wear OS.While a great smartwatch overall, the lack of support for Google Assistant is a major flaw.That problem is finally resolved as Google and Samsung team up to bring the former's voice assistant to wearables.

if you haveGalaxy Watch 4, you can quickly set up Google Assistant by following the steps below.


How to Install Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Before you can set up Google Assistant on your Galaxy Watch, you'll first need to install it.To do this, make sure you have installed on your phone Google Assistant application.

1. On your Galaxy Watch, open the Play Store.

2. Scroll down and select My Apps.

3. You should see an update to the Google Assistant app.Go ahead and install it.

If you don't see any pending updates, restart your watch and try again.

How to Set Up Google Assistant on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

With the Assistant app installed and updated, you're now ready to set it up.

1. Open on Galaxy WatchGoogle Assistantapplication.

2. Tap "Start" to start setting up the voice assistant on your watch.

3. Use "Open on Phone" to activate the option to launch Google Assistant on your phone.

4. The Google Assistant app will open on your phone and sync with your watch.

5. When prompted, click Activate to continue the setup process.

6. If you want to quickly trigger Assistant by saying "Hey Google" while the watch is in standby, tap Next.If not, select the "No thanks" option.

7. Continue to accept the terms and conditions for Voice Match.

8. Give the voice assistant access to your contacts, messages, and calendars by selecting On.

9. You can also set the home button on the Galaxy Watch to trigger the voice assistant.Click "Got it" on this page.

10. Complete the setup process by clicking "Finish".




If you run into the error that the Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 doesn't support the language in your region, you can change it to English (US) and have it work.That's because Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch is only compatible with a handful of languages, while on Android phones, it supports many.

Once you've set up the Assistant properly, you can use it to control your smart home devices, set reminders, check the weather, control music playback, and more directly from your wrist.There are so many ways Google Assistant can make your life easier, and its feature set is pretty extensive.

How to use the Galaxy Watch 4's home button to open Google Assistant

If you want to disable the "Hey Google" feature on the Galaxy Watch 4 for battery life reasons, you can map the home button to trigger the Assistant when needed.

1. Open the Settings menu and navigate to Advanced Features of Galaxy Watch 4.

2. Scroll down and select Custom Keys.

3. Tap Double-click and assign the assistant application to it.

4. Or, if desired, trigger the assistant to perform a long press of the Home button.

You can now quickly trigger Google Assistant by double-tapping the home button on the Galaxy Watch -- the top button on the left.

Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 isn't perfect

While the Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 is useful, the initial version of the experience was a bit buggy.You might be facing disconnection issues, or the watch might not pair with your phone.Because of these issues, you might want to reconsider installing Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 if stability is your primary concern.

If these issues aren't an issue for you, having Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 is far more useful than relying on Samsung's voice assistant Bixby.

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