The 2022 best new macOS Ventura features announced at WWDC 7

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Apple inWWDC 2022A plethora of new changes to macOS were announced on . The new version of macOS is calledmacOS is coming, to be released in fall 2022.Here are some of the new features in the update.


1. Stage manager


macOS is coming One of the new features to be added in is Stage Manager.This feature will automatically organize all open apps on the side of the screen, while centering the app you're using.Users can also drag icons directly from the desktop to minimized application windows to quickly import files.

Stage Manager can be activated directly from the Control Center, allowing you to focus only on the task at hand.This should go a long way in improving your productivity.

2. Focus update


Spotlight also comes with new features in macOS Ventura - it can now find images in your photo library and search for text in images.You can also bring up a quick preview of the files found in Spotlight during a search, letting you confirm that you actually found what you were searching for.

3. Key

Apple has introduced a new password feature in macOS Ventura that allows users to use Face ID and Touch ID account authentication on websites instead of passwords.This key replaces the password for account creation and login, reducing the chance of your password being compromised in an online data breach.

Apple says passwords are much more secure than passwords because you don't need to enter them on the site, just enter your username and authenticate to log in.Keys are stored in your iCloud Keychain and encrypted end-to-end, which also allows them to be used on your iPhone and other iCloud devices.

4. Email update

The Mac Mail app also got some updates. Search in the Mail app now includes full previews, instant suggestions and typo corrections.You can also schedule emails to be sent in the future, as well as undo any emails that have been sent (only for a short time after they are sent).

5. Shared Tab Groups in Safari


Safari brings a new tab sharing feature called Shared Tab Groups, which allows users to see in real-time the tabs their friends are viewing.You can also share your tabs with friends and family, visible from the Safari menu bar. Safari also now supports Passkeys, which will allow passwordless logins on different websites.

6. FaceTime and Continuity Camera


macOS Ventura extends Apple's Continuity, with which you can switch between different apps on Apple devices.Ventura will let you "switch" a FaceTime call between your iPhone and Mac whenever you bring your iPhone close to your Mac.

Another new feature announced is the ability to use the iPhone's camera as a webcam instead of the one on the Mac.This should allow you to make higher-quality video calls, especially compared to the standard 720p FaceTime camera on most Mac models.You can also activate portrait mode during a FaceTime call for better video.

There's also a cool new feature that lets you share your desktop view next to your face just by using your iPhone's ultra-wide camera.This is called Desk View, and it has some really interesting apps to say the least.It should be helpful for sharing projects or sketches, although we still need to see how it works in practice.

7. Metal 3 API

To bring more high-performance gaming to the Mac, Apple has introduced a new Metal 3 API for macOS Ventura.This results in faster graphics loading, allowing developers to create a better connection between the Mac's storage and the graphics processor.

Another new feature is MetalFX Upscaling, which allows games to run better by rendering at a lower internal resolution before upscaling and display. Gaming should be a breeze on Apple's new MacBook, which runs on the new M2 processor with better performance than its predecessor.

When will macOS Ventura be available?


macOS Ventura follows Apple's usual WWDC release schedule.The developer beta is immediately available for developers to test and update their applications.A public beta will follow in July.The final version will be released in fall 7 and will be available on most Macs released after 2022.

Bringing macOS closer to iOS

Apple's recent macOS releases are closer to their mobile counterparts in both design and functionality. macOS Ventura is no exception, with features like Continuity and Universal Control that enhance a unified experience across all Apple devices.


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