The 2022 best watchOS 5 new features from WWDC 9

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Apple has officially revealed the future of Apple Watch software, namelyWatch 9.While not a huge leap, it does offer many improvements to wearables.


The following isWatch 9Some of the best new features of :

1. New and improved watch faces


Watch faces have always been a popular way to customize your Apple Watch.So it's no surprise that Apple introduced three new faces and improved a nifty option.

The popular Astronomy watch face is getting a new look to take advantage of the larger Apple Watch display to show cloud cover around the world.This joins the three new faces in watchOS 9.With Metropolitan, you can rotate the Digital Crown and see the style change.As the name suggests, the Lunar has a timekeeping function that uses the surface of the moon.Finally, Playtime is an interesting collaboration with artist Joi Fulton.

The great portrait faces also get better, as you can now see depth effects in cat, dog, and landscape photos.

2. Better workout apps


Most Apple Watch users probably know the Workout app. watchOS 9 offers even more.

While exercising, you can see more information, including activity ring information, heart rate zones, and more.Just turn the Digital Crown.Heart rate zones are automatically calculated using your fitness data.You can also create them manually.Speaking of customization, you can create work and recovery intervals for yourself.

You can also see if you're hitting your goals on time and use a dynamic rhythm.Runners can also see new metrics such as stride length, touchdown time and vertical swing.

3. New drug apps


Used in conjunction with the iPhone Health app, the Medicines app will let you manage your medications, vitamins and supplements.You can create custom schedules for medications and even create reminders so you don't forget to take them.In the US, users can also see if other drugs have potentially critical effects.

4. More information in the Sleep app


Sleeping with an Apple Watch can help anyone better understand their sleep patterns through the Sleep app.And watchOS 9 will increase sleep stages.Thanks to accelerometer and heart rate data, the app will show when you're in REM sleep, core sleep, or deep sleep.The Health app will also allow you to see how metrics like heart rate and breathing rate change throughout your night's sleep.

5. AFib History


AFib (atrial fibrillation) is a serious condition that can lead to stroke if left untreated. Apple Watch uses the ECG app and irregular rhythm notifications to help notify wearers of potential problems.

With watchOS 9, the AFib history feature is available to anyone diagnosed with the condition.This will display an estimate of how often the heart rhythm will appear in AFib.It will also provide notifications showing frequency.You can also view details in the Health app on your iPhone, and even download and share a detailed history of AFib.All of these will help users better manage their condition.

watchOS 9 will officially launch this fall

You can officially download watchOS 9 sometime this fall.It will go through a developer and public beta period.The software will work with Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

Improve the overall experience of watchOS

As the Apple Watch continues to mature, Apple is doing a great job of making this wearable even easier to use.And watchOS 9's new features and other improvements are sure to make Apple Watch owners smile.

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