The 2022 best new iPadOS 8 features from WWDC 16

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On June 6, Apple announced at its annual developer conference WWDC.iPadOS 16.This is a major update with several new features to improve the multitasking experience on iPad and increase your productivity.


The following isiPadOS 16The best new features coming to your iPad later this year.

1. Stage Manager


When iPadOS 16 is released later this year, it will make multitasking and running multiple apps on the iPad a breeze with Stage Manager.This feature will organize your apps and show open windows on the left side of the display, with the main app appearing in the middle.The feature will also allow iPad users to create overlapping windows of different sizes for the first time.You can even create application groups from the Dock.

On iPads powered by Apple chips, Stage Manager will allow users to take full advantage of an external display and run up to eight applications simultaneously -- four on the display and four on the iPad.

2. Freeform

Apple is taking collaboration on the iPad to the next level with Freeform.The new app will give iPad users an empty space to let their ideas run free without having to worry about layouts, grids, or anything else.It also supports Apple Pencil, so you can let your ideas go wild and collaborate with others in real time in the process.

3. Key in Safari browser


Safari in iPadOS 16 is getting support for keys, Apple's new, more secure alternative to passwords.A unique digital key is stored on the device itself and lets you log in to apps and services using Touch ID or Face ID.Unlike passwords, they are not uploaded or shared with any server.This means that hackers cannot access them or steal them to gain unauthorized access to your account.

Additionally, Safari has gained support for shared tab groups, so you can collaborate on your next vacation plan (or other project) with friends, family, and colleagues.

4. Display Zoom

Apple will let you change the resolution of the iPad display in iPadOS 16.This will allow the app to fit more content on the screen, increasing information density by scaling everything.This feature is especially helpful when using split view and running multiple apps side by side.

5. Smarter email and messaging


The Mail app in iPadOS 16 has gotten smarter with more powerful search capabilities to quickly find the email, picture or file you're looking for.Additionally, it will allow you to undo sending emails, schedule messages for a future date and time, or remind you to follow up in a few days.It'll also get a handy reminder option so you don't forget to go back to that important email.

Likewise, the Messages app will allow you to edit sent messages, undo sending them within 10 seconds, and mark threads as unread.These features will also be available as part of all new iOS 16 features.

6. Reference Mode

iPadOS 16 will introduce Reference Mode on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.This is handy for photo and video editing, as it will let the monitor switch to sRGB mode to show the true colors of media content when grading or reviewing.

7. Virtual memory swap

Similar to the Mac, the concept of virtual memory will also appear on the iPad. Virtual memory swap in iPadOS 16 will use the extra storage on the iPad as swap to improve performance when running memory-intensive apps.

8. Weather and clock apps are coming to the iPad

Apple's Weather and Clock apps on the iPhone are finally here on iPadOS 16.The layout of the Weather app has been optimized to take advantage of the iPad's large screen, with animations displayed across the entire screen.

Finally, the new Clock app ensures that you can finally use your iPad to set alarms without relying on third-party apps.

That's not all we've seen from WWDC

These exciting iPadOS updates are just the tip of the iceberg that Apple announced at WWDC.From the keynote, we also saw iOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS Ventura.Apple even announced the release date of its first M2 Mac.So, we have every reason to expect that Apple will bring more in 2022!

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