How to Buy and Download Kindle Books on iPhone and iPad

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While you can't make any in-app purchases on the Kindle app, you can still buy and download Kindle books on your iPhone or iPad.


You don't need a Kindle to access Amazon's vast library of ebooks.With an Amazon account and the Kindle app, you can buy, download and read all your favorite books on your iPhone or iPad.Let's see how this is done:

How to Buy and Download Kindle Books on iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, you can't buy ebooks directly from the Amazon Kindle app on your mobile device as it no longer supports in-app purchases, but there is a workaround.

Follow these steps to purchase and download Kindle books on your iPhone or iPad:

1. First, create an Amazon account if you haven't already.Go to the "Hello, Sign In" tab at the top, select "Start Here", and enter your details to register.

2. Make sure you have downloaded the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad.Open the app and log in with your Amazon account.

3. In your iPhone or iPad's Safari browser, go to the Kindle Store.Instead of clicking on any prompts to open the Amazon app, stay in the browser.Sign in with your Amazon account via the "Sign In" tab at the top.

4. In the search bar at the top, enter the name of the book you want.To narrow your search, you can also enter the author's name.

5. From the search results, tap the book you want.If it doesn't show up, it's probably not available on Amazon.

6. On the purchase page, select the Kindle option.


7. Scroll down a bit until you see Deliver to, open the drop-down menu, and select your device.If your device isn't listed, select "Your Kindle Library".


8. Click "Buy Now".Enter your Amazon payment details, if you haven't already saved them on your Amazon account.You'll be directed to a page notifying you that your purchase has been successful and that the book has been added to your Kindle library.

9. Open the Kindle app again.Make sure you have library selected at the bottom.It's there, your new book! Just click on it to start reading.You will be able to read all your purchased books offline.


Buy any Kindle book you want on your iPhone or iPad

The interruption of in-app purchases in the Amazon Kindle app may have disappointed you, but now, you know the workaround for buying and downloading your favorite books on your iPhone or iPad.

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