How to Change the Look of Netflix Subtitles

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If you don't like the look of Netflix's subtitles, you can customize them to make them easier to read on all your devices.

Netflix offers a ton of accessibility options, including the ability to display subtitles and closed captions.Depending on the show or movie, subtitles often come in multiple languages.But did you know that you can also customize the look of Netflix's subtitles?Next, let's take a look at how to complete this simple process.


How to Change the Look of Netflix Subtitles

Netflix allows you to change the visual elements of subtitles such as font, color and size.This is one of Netflix's best accessibility features.If you have multiple Netflix profiles, each can have its own subtitle appearance.

You have to make these changes on Netflix via your web browser, after which the subtitle appearance will change on all devices.But there are two exceptions:

If you watch Netflix on Apple products, such as the Apple TV and iPhone, you must change the subtitle appearance through the device's accessibility settings (not the Netflix app).

If you're in a country with these major languages, you can't change the appearance of subtitles, even if your profile is set to a different language.Includes Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Romanian, Traditional Chinese, and Thai.

To change the look of Netflix subtitles:


1. Go to the Netflix website.

2. Hover your profile picture to the top right and select Account.

3. In Profile and Parental Controls, select Your profile.

4. Select the subtitle appearance.

5. Make the necessary modifications.As you do this, the preview pane will automatically update to show you how it will look.You can also reset to default if needed.

6. Once done, select Save.

Once that's done, you'll have to restart Netflix on whatever device you're using.On a smart TV, go to Settings > Get Help > Reload in the Netflix app.

Learn a language with Netflix

Subtitles are helpful for many reasons - the most important being availability, but you can also use it to learn another language.Setting the audio to another language and the subtitles to your native language will help your brain connect the two languages.


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